Awesomeness10/8/2021 3:46:04 PM

Pros: Price

Cons: Zero

Overall Review: Was able to grab one used and love it

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LG 34UM695/13/2020 1:51:14 PM

Pros: great price for what you get Size Picture No impact on fps with res

Cons: price (im cheap:) I love this monitor , mine broke due to a projectile from a child lol , I ordered a replacement , picture is the same , the sound is not as good not nearly the same and the stand base is different , no rubber coating

Overall Review: Having used triple monitor setups for gaming I love this, no issues running games extra fov is perfect , no hassles plug in and game and enjoy. Huge plus for me was no impact on fps in games and get betting better picture

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Its a great affordable case5/1/2020 11:34:26 AM

Pros: PRICE / tempered glass side / Space. great case for cable management watercooling / looks great when RGB added / pleasantly happy with quality / PRICE I transferred my rig into this and could not be happier. Prior case mid sized name brand alot more expensive. I can not count the number of systems I have built but when you do almost always includes some kind of modifications to the case to get it how you want. This case required nothing all my parts fit like a breeze, water cooling fans res and radiator.

Cons: made in china

Overall Review: recommended if looking for a good case with plenty of space, tempered glass without breaking the bank

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H100i RGB PLATINUM SE2/21/2019 11:23:29 AM

Pros: Looks great,water block for intel is a breeze to install, The RGB settings being able to set up independent pattern for block and fans is pretty neat, The Temp color monitoring setting is pretty cool on the block going from blue to red with raising temp love it . Cooling performs great, and is close to silent the fans are very impressive , as is the cpu block performance it self

Cons: Missing washers for fans to mount on the radiator had to use some I had laying around, and the radiator at least this one inparticular the mounting holes for the fans and screws were not threaded on one side / Also The corsair logo , it would have been neat if you can remove it and turn it to a position you chose and snap back on , depending on how you have your set up due to the static position of the tubing

Overall Review: I love Corsair products , My go-to for keyboards, mice, powersupplies and cases. Always high quality and never disappointed but I was a bit surprised with this one with missing parts and mounting points / 15 min install if i did not have to improvise (but thats what always happens lol)

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it is pretty light5/19/2018 9:27:24 AM

Pros: light , quality , fast, picture, HDMI out, the battery life , and the battery life

Cons: being so light its strange feels cheap but its not, not recommended for gaming besides older titles , storage 256 , but micro SD is nice

Overall Review: for students , people on the go its great its light and battery life is unmatched , not having to always worry that you only have a few min charge left you can literally go few days with out needing a charge.

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outstangding keyboard4/4/2018 8:45:20 AM

Pros: Surprisingly well Build quality , compact size , USB type b power cord, rgb. Plugged in installed software works great.

Cons: Price, you always roll the dice on a new product from a fairly new company, But not disappointed at all.

Overall Review: Purchased a second one.

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Carbide3/21/2018 11:13:05 AM

Pros: Corsair product , good quality, all accessories parts needed always come with product, price, the glass side panel is outstanding

Cons: no optical bay , still needed option for me , the flashy front ascetics make is look like a computer from TRON

Overall Review: can easily and successfully transfer the side glass panel to many other Corsair cases and it looks great ( Velcro :)

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LG 29 ULTRA4/29/2017 9:19:57 AM

Pros: Great picture ,build quality is very good, outstanding for gaming, res does not demand upgrading gpu if going from 1920x1080 ( this was a concern ) Still getting same FPS (i5 7600-gtx780) gaining peripheral vision while gaming is a huge +, while also not having do deal with multi monitor set up, response time is outstanding, color, setup,USB-C, if a game does not support res 1920x 1080 looks great either stretched or in 16x9 view.

Cons: height adjustment, only supports amd free sync, using an ultra wide , I find it has to be perfectly eye level to enjoy the most, the vertical height takes some getting used to, wish I had the 34" model :( going from a 27" 16x9 Not curved but not a big deal for this price point for what you get Tilt, Height Adjustment is mediocre

Overall Review: I have played with muti monitor setup with 5760x1080. It was nice for flight sims thats about it, most other games its over kill and can be frustrating getting games to support that resolution. Having the wider views outstanding crisp picture, fluid gaming. All games look and work great , Outstanding for gaming

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z170x3/1/2017 6:24:04 AM

Pros: Looks well built, led on mb look really cool, could not wait to get it up and running and bench mark

Cons: OK, 1 web site states supports kabylake , bios vr 1 it does not error 99 2 if ddr4 overclocked and not at 2133 it will not post error 55 3 Had to purchase a cheap skylake just to post and flash bios to support i5 7600 had to take 3 trips 60 miles each way every time i fixed an error code I got a new one , 3 days to get going will not post with ballistix dd4 sport default is 2400 , once all up and running works great , but to deal with what I had to is not worth it , every part i purchased gigabyte site said all supported with bios version installed it did not

Overall Review: I have put together at least 250 computers , to say this was the most frustrating build would be an understatement , If this mb gives me any more issues I will be bringing it with me to the range :)

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Good product2/1/2017 8:05:10 AM

Pros: Quality, customization, reliability ( have yet to have a Corsair product fail ) and customization

Cons: Weight ,price, It is on lighter side compared to other corsair models I have used, Personal pref .

Overall Review: I would recommend product for reliability and customization, and comfort but that us unique to everyone individual preference , have matching Corsair keyboard, with utility tool customizing keys and color and it is easy to set up use, sliding thumb buttons is actually useful feature, As I have said Corsair does make an excellent product, Have a number Corsair items and none have failed

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Corsair qc9/14/2016 2:22:47 PM

Pros: Made in Germany not china , feels that way to , does not feel cheap at all , metal frame is perfect, being able customize any key you want how you want , perfect

Cons: no usb port on keyboard itself or 3.5 mm jack , had options on last keyboard , was convenient

Overall Review: great piece of equipment, now have Corsair PS, Case, Mouse, now Keyboard

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DOA8/18/2016 2:08:55 PM

Pros: Looks like it may work nice, retractable little hole on end for key chain

Cons: other then it does not work , no

Overall Review: getting a DOA item happens

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ud88 277/21/2016 1:32:55 PM

Pros: great picture, color, 4k, high quality construction, base stand, includes all wires needed usb-c, display port , hdmi, games look great have to upgrade video cards but who does not like being forced to make upgrades :)

Cons: price for now, no swivel for monitor base, have to upgrade video cards now :(

Overall Review: price but you get what you pay for, capitalism, free market price will come down after time, dont like it to bad

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on hub11/18/2015 5:23:26 AM

Pros: EASY set up very easy setup speeds very easy to configure range

Cons: price only one either net port

Overall Review: briged connection from main router , it notice right away dl android app , device recognized right away it was a bridge connection , set it up on furthest cat 5 run wifi perfect now that part of house, speeds right on 60dn 20up pings good

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Irulu V1S10/8/2015 12:15:34 PM

Pros: Great Cam , big screen , runs games well, nice quality scrren and touch response, fm radio is nice feature when no data is available,

Cons: biggest con I have is sub menu organizing , I like to my main screen empty and sub menu create sub folders (just my preference ) and does not seem to be an option for that, definitely recommend getting case , battery charges fast but depletes very fast also

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LG2/13/2015 11:17:16 AM

Pros: I’ve had the LG 24GM77 for a couple of days now and wanted to write a review now that I’ve played around with it. I would say that overall it is a decent monitor that does have some issues, which may be limited to just me or possibly more widespread. Opening it open and putting it together was as easy as tightening one screw on the base. The base does seem rather large and takes up at least double the desk space that my 27” monitor takes up. Once that was all setup I hooked the monitor up with a DVI cable and power and I was ready to go or so I thought. I was adjusting the refresh rate and anything above 60Hz was giving me a pink screen. Everything looked good in the properties but still had no luck. The DVI cable I was using was the same one I had hooked up to the 27” monitor and after swapping it out with the one that came with the LG I was back in business. The controls are easy to navigate but it took me a little while to realize the adjustment control is underneath the monitor, although if I had read through the manual first I’m sure I would have found it quicker. The controls allow you to setup and store 6 different sets of preferences which can then be accessed easily by a left or right arrow on the front of the monitor. I chose to only setup 3 for now, 1 for gaming, 1 for movies and 1 for everything else. Like I said the process is simple just choose 1 of the 6 storage banks, adjust the settings how you like and you’re done. I’ve been playing Dragon Age Inquisition for a while now so that is what I loaded up to test the monitor with. Right away I noticed the images looked a lot sharper and brighter than the 27” AOC monitor that I was using. One thing I noticed is that I didn’t really see much of a difference when switching between 60 or 100,120 or 144hz. It’s possible that Dragon age isn’t a good game to test this on though. One thing I’ve found is that if you want to turn on the motion 240 setting you need to have the refresh rate at either 100 or 120hz it’s greyed out in the menu if you switch to 144hz. Although I didn’t notice a difference in the refresh rates the colors and brightness still were phenomenal.

Cons: Time to get into some negatives and as I stated earlier it’s possible that my monitor is defective, I will probably email LG to see what they say when I get a chance. Browsing through websites I noticed that the screen was hurting my eyes so I went into the settings and adjusted the brightness and the sharpness and things were looking good again. A few minutes later the fonts are bothering my eyes again and are kind of blurry so I check the settings again and they were all the same. I go into the sharpness setting to adjust it and everything is good again until a few minutes later. For some reason it seems that the sharpness setting isn’t working correctly. I have the sharpness setting set at 80 and once the webpages start to look blurry if I move the sharpness slider up or down it fixes the issue for a little while. This appears to be an issue with the sharpness setting on the monitor. I’ve tried adjusting other setting and nothing fixes the issue until I move the sharpness around. I noticed it slightly while playing Dragon Age but nothing like when browsing webpages or typing up a document in word. Overall I would give it a 3 out of 5 stars, I would most likely give it a 5 if there wasn’t the issue with the sharpness. If you’re using the monitor strictly for gaming I would say that it is worth it given the color and clarity of the monitor. If it’s going to be a general all around monitor and the sharpness issue isn’t related to just me than I would probably look at something else unless you want to go into the settings constantly.

Overall Review: If you’re using the monitor strictly for gaming I would say that it is worth it given the color and clarity of the monitor. If it’s going to be a general all around monitor and the sharpness issue isn’t related to just me than I would probably look at something else unless you want to go into the settings constantly.

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NAS9/1/2014 7:35:30 AM

Pros: Size, I was really surprised, basically the same size as the old Nintendo game cube, Amazing amount of storage, Having a common drive on your own network is a great feature, for data, movies, backup storage to archive security cams, cloud storage great possibilities.

Cons: Ok where to start, setup instructions basically non existent. You would think for a device of this price point a bit more of end user support, I was able to setup and configure device with out the 1 page instruction sheet, had device setup in about 10 min, worked great for about 30 min, thought wow this is so cool with the possibilities then the device appeared to lockup, so when in doubt reboot right ! Well no device became unresponsive, after about a day and a half of flashing red LED lights in all patterns had no idea what what going on except the obvious something is wrong (no support for issue on Seagate web site or with pathetic included instructions) Device appears to working as advertised.

Overall Review: For a device at this price point you would assume it would have come with a detailed end user support. At this price you should not have to be hunting the internet for issues on a brand new device and included instructions are as useful as the bubble wrap that came with it.

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Must say good MB6/17/2014 5:19:15 AM

Pros: Great affordable price point, had no issues during installation, Build quality out of package and close inspection was very surprising in a good way, Have tried AsRock Mother boards on 2 other occasions and have had to RMA the 2 of them, but that was a few years back , but as a PC builder, things like that stay in your mined when purchasing again for a new build, But I must say I am impressed with this hardware. Parried MB up with a GTX 770 & 16GB ram, & i5 cpu, and SSD, running games great, Watchdogs, BF4, and the benchmark for me still Crysis lol

Cons: 1. Made in China (a shame but what is not these days) 2. Just a choice of mine but for a duel GPU setup if you choose that rout AMD Xfire support only no Nvidia SLI option 3.As another review states the driver CD pushing me to install Google Chrome and Google Toolbar I can not stand when developer's push software

Overall Review: Good buy for price to build game rig You have to love when you slap all your parts together install an OS and everything works first try always gives me a smile

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TP LINK4/9/2014 8:09:10 AM


Cons: Only worked for 2 days tried on 3 computers win7/vista/win8 after 2 days usb device manager does not see this devices on all 3 computers. just stopped working, no activity light just a dead unit (it happens) When it worked it preformed fine, speed, connectivity This is the second TP Link adapter I have used, Last one still works fine

Overall Review: The price point is good if the unit works

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Good PSU2/26/2014 6:26:55 AM

Pros: Its a Corsair PSU I have never had a PSU unit from them fail me cant say the same from other top vendors, semi modular which is nice for this price point, just used this psu for a computer i built for my son, gtx 780,i7 2700k oc, runs with out missing a beat. I really have to say one of the worst things is getting that melting smell that has never happened since i finally switched to using corsair for my builds. for me they are the standard thank goodness they have great QC.

Cons: I will say this every time but its the way things are now :( MADE IN CHINA

Overall Review: for this price you know what your getting a reliable psu you know when you put it in a machine you wont have to have any worries about a fail

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great1/3/2014 2:53:17 AM

Pros: solid quality build came charged no issues at all works with every device i have tried. Packaging was good I REALLY CAN NOT SAY ANYTHINGBAD ABOUT THIS PRODUCT worth the money

Cons: NONE I am really digging here but an audio out whould have been nice to make none bluetooth devices enhanced

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usb memory11/17/2013 5:37:27 AM

Pros: good while it worked

Cons: it died after 1 week

Overall Review: I had a 8 gig corsair usb flash drive at least that one lasted for 2 years

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Wall mount10/13/2013 1:50:32 PM

Pros: Price if on (sale) comes with all needed parts even a level that I thought was great the last time I put in a walll mount only thing I could not locate was my level so it is a nice that it came with one. I was not aware that Rosewill even made this type of product very solid and good quality eventhough made in china but what is not these days :( installation easy.

Cons: Made in china but what is not these days :(

Overall Review: Sale price at time of review is a great buy. At full price I would not purchase just my opinion Im cheap. Also please make sure you tv size weight is within spec if your tv is not and you purchase anyway hoping it would fit and it does not you can only be upset with yourself..Besides that its a tv wall mount not much more to review

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Buffalo8/20/2013 6:32:20 AM

Pros: Wifi range, custom connection for each device VERY easy to set up

Cons: Price....More than I would like to pay for a router but you get what you pay for with this router. Other then that I can not say anythig but this Router is awsome

Overall Review: Replaced another N router with this one huge improvment in wifi range and reliability also improvment with wired connections . Had up and running in 5 min being able to setup custom connections lable the attached wired or wifi device and set it up for gaming, video, streaming or just data is a nice feature. 2.5 or .5 ghz wifi. And having a guest wifi feature is a nice touch also. I am not going to put up a thousand stats and numbers when I look at reviews I tend not to read the ten thousand word reviews. Its a router and works great period. I never really used any items from Buffalo before but I will take a look at thier products from now on. 2nd review I had to post for this router last one never posted ?

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TP Link8/8/2013 11:34:19 AM

Pros: Works as advertised,USB extender cable included,easy to install, Perfect for quick alternitive then running cat-5 if using a desktop, or if onboard lan or wifi adapter no longer works on laptop

Cons: only one so far, gets pretty warm worried about it burning out as other have posted but tested out seems ok

Overall Review: Like I stated great alternitive if built if wifi on laptop stinks as it does on my laptop, (Atheros adapter) I work for a cable company and have installed internet sevice in thousands of homes and if the subscribers laptop has that adapter always seems to be problems service drops out . Tested device for 6 hours strait to see if it would burn out as others have stated, ran ping test on laptop room temp was 75-78, 0% pk loss and good round trip times 35ms avg speed was always 17mb down 4 up room is about 16ft away from router, and never appeared to stop working. I will not be using my intergrated wifi any longer on my laptop. Also I do not like software that comes with devices unless its my video card, I let windows manage device Also tested using my gaming desktop played bf3 mp no problems but router is in same room, If you use this on a desktop I would recommend using usb extender and some velcro to attach to case. I will update if any problems come up but I have to say none sofar

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