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Excellent choice for a home laser printer!10/9/2012 5:13:44 AM

Pros: I have owned this printer for over a year, and I can recommend this without question. The price point is sweet, especially considering the generous feature set offered. Not only that, it's built with quality, and though I'm a computer tech, I have found zero trouble with any functionality. You can see the features on your own, and I think you'll be pressed to find a printer of this quality and with this wide set of features for similar price. The description says you can use AirPrint via an app, but I can vouch that no extra app is needed in iOS to AirPrint to this sucker. Just make sure Bonjour and Bonjour Print Services are installed on the machine hosting the printer and that's all she wrote. Comes with a "starter" toner cart, low yield… but I haven't come close to running out of toner yet (although I don't print heavily/daily).

Cons: There really aren't any cons that I can think of. I have not experienced a single problem, mechanical or otherwise since I got it. The only two minor complaints are really technicalities and not real flaws. The first is the wireless is only B/G. While N is not really even necessary in a utility sense, if you're running a pure N-only network and want to use this wirelessly, you'll unfortunately have to accommodate for G, which could be an inconvenience. The second is inherent to all laser printers, not just this one… so again, it's not a product flaw; but the warm-up/print load pull (when starting up or printing, the wattage pull will spike tremendously, though temporarily), but it applies such a demand that my battery backup will trip momentarily. BTW, a tip for novces; do not plug a laser printer into a battery backup port. Use the surge only side. I will admit the electrician who did the wiring in this house did a terrible job, especially with grounding and proper distrobution, because at times my vacuum cleaner will trip the circuit breaker. But at peak load, this printer causes a quick power flicker and trips my battery backup, but I think that is the wiring problem more so than the printer.

Overall Review: If this is on sale for under a hundred dollars, it's a no-brainier. This is an awesome printer and works like a charm. I couldn't be happier with my decision to get this one. No regrets at all. I'd buy it again in a heartbeat.

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cheap price, does what i wanted1/19/2011 11:23:25 AM

Pros: i bought this extension cable mainly for one reason: to extend my iPhone's cable so that i could charge/use it at the same time (pretty impossible, or at least cumbersome with their provided cable). since nobody else had mentioned charging devices in their reviews of this, i was kind of unsure -- esp since i had read some reviews on similar cables that said their devices *would not* charge over those cables. i thought it was part of the USB 2.0 spec to carry enough power for charging, but i was not positive; for a few dollars, though, it was worth a try. got it, and thankfully my question is answered, and for the rest of you wondering: YES, using your normal iPod/iPhone cable + this extension cable, it will charge and/or sync your device with no problems. woo hoo! the quality of the cable seems sturdy. cord is well shielded, and is thicker than the cables provided with most devices. just glancing at them, it's thicker/sturdier than my phone's cable!

Cons: "white" is a bit of a misnomer; i would call this cable "off white" or "light grey". really is an irrelavant/picky point, but i'm OCD like that. other than that nitpick, i really cannot find any flaws or cons for this cable.

Overall Review: in summary -- as mentioned, it's well built, it maintains all the functionality of any standard high-speed USB 2.0 cable, and it did exactly what i wanted with no hitch. i can highly recommend this cable. i can now have my iPhone plugged into my wall charger, and have plenty of slack cord to continue to use it when my battery runs out (every few hours, grr), so this will really be a useful item for me! all for just a few bucks!

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good, solid cables, long-lasting1/8/2011 7:49:01 PM

Pros: i bought 2 of these 10' cables, and two of their 3' ones. if you know anything about HDMI, you know it's a digital signal, and it's all or nothing. the data is received as it was sent, or it isn't. it's not like past analog mediums (but still very common... VGA, composite, coax, etc) where your results could be anywhere from excellent to horrible. knowing that, it's ridiculous and absolutely sinful for retail stores (we know who they are) to charge $60, $80, $100 for these cables. i'm sick from seeing people scammed over and over, thinking more money = better quality picture. it doesn't. the only thing more money MAY get you is better CONSTRUCTION, minimizing the chance of shorts, etc -- other physical flaws that could damage data transmission. these cables are of high enough quality. the ends even come with plastic caps to protect them shipping/storage. i've used all 4 daily for over a year, and none have failed or even shown wear/or any other construction defects.

Cons: the only con i know of is that neither newegg, nor the cable manufacturer tells what HDMI spec (version) these cables are. for 9/10 people, this won't be an issue, but i think they are 1.3 or 1.3a. spec will only apply to people who will be using this to connect bleeding edge equipment, as newer specs have more features (that again, only people using the absolute latest technology and high end equipment will even be able to take advantage of). anyone who works in electronics retail knows, accessories, and especially audio/video cables are where the stores make their largest profit margins. cables are marked up hundreds, often even *thousands* percent from what they pay for them. employees can buy these $75+ dollar cables for around $10 or less with their discounts. proof of the insane margins!

Overall Review: you want to know the simple answer to your simple question -- will this cable be a good one, is it of high build quality, is it sturdy and is it gonna last me? the answer to all of these is -- yes. as said, they have connected my HDTV's, my playstation 3, my computer's HDMI out to my TV, etc... and i have yet to have one problem after many disconnects/reconnects. i kept the plastic protector caps so when they're not in use, i just throw those things back on for good measure. is the packaging pretty? no. it's generic. does it need to be pretty? only if you are willing to pay $80 for a false sense of security. i would only be concerned if this cable will be "good enough" if you're using new technologies like 3DTV, Dolby TrueHD, DTS-HD audio, etc. if this is the case, look for the cables that state any of these features -- "ethernet channel/3D support/4k by 2k resolution", to be sure you get a 1.4 spec cable that supports those specific features. otherwise, this cable will suit you.

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not as impressed as i thought i'd be1/8/2011 6:40:56 PM

Pros: i came to purchase this product through recommendations i've read everywhere for the arctic silver thermal pastes. between reading about this one and arctic silver, i chose this one based on the fact that, as mentioned regularly... it is non-conductive. with several hundreds of dollars in new gear, i didn't even want to risk any shorts (though i'm sure the chance of that actually happening is pretty far out there). bought the stuff, made sure i went to their website and downloaded their specific application instructions (with visuals of placement and amount). everyone has their own opinion of what is the "best way" to apply thermal grease, but i decided to trust their instructions over misc people's anecdotal experiences. can i find 1 pro? it MIGHT have lowered my temps 2-3 degrees. cannot be positive as i'm comparing summer vs. winter indoor temps, which COULD sway the results. i'll give it the benefit of the doubt and say it may have reduced temps a fraction at best.

Cons: my first impression when applying this paste was "wow, this isn't your average thermal paste. this stuff is so thick, i can barely squeeze it out of the syringe!" that is true... this stuff is THICK and gummy. i was expecting it to be more of a liquid than a solid! yes, you have to push the plunger pretty hard to even get some of this out. as such, it doesn't seem the "bead/rice grain" type application that the company recommends would be ideal. even with the heatsink's pressure, this stuff doesn't spread so easily/thinly. second con is that this did not live up to my expectations. core idle temps with intel factory heatsink/grease average 36-39c in winter. arctic ceramique averaged core temps averaged about 38c-40c in summer (with cranked AC though). room temp differences between the two times is likely no more than 4 degrees, so it's probably not a major factor. running all cores 100% prime95 for 10 minutes, TJ max got as low as 17/18/17/18c. that's too close for my comfo

Overall Review: overall, disappointed by promises of using this "premium" thermal grease... thermal foam... whatever this material is. at my most generous, i will say that it lowered temperatures 2-3c. not enough for me to worry about. highest temps under prime95 load were also similar/almost identical, so this product didn't shine on either the idle or full stress temperatures. to make sure it was not just me, i gave my friend the remnants of the tube i had of this, as he was upgrading to a very high quality cooler that was much nicer than my stock one. even so, he was still unhappy with this stuff. he removed it and used the grease that came with the heatsink for free, and achieved several degree lower temps! his average idle/max temps were a lot lower than mine (showing the cooler was better) but the temp differences between the 2 greases showed this stuff is bunk. don't waste your money on this. if you're using intel stock heatsink, use that. same result. (yes, we allowed for burn in t

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great product, here is some helpful info1/8/2011 5:57:36 PM

Pros: i posted a previous review that noted some very strange behavior when using the 1600XMP profile to overclock this memory on an intel P55 MB. by doing so, it would totally reconfigure my Bclock and processor values and screw everything up. this irritated me, and i think it lost an egg for that. in retrospect, i believe the problem was because at the time, the intel board BIOS did not offer a x12 DRAM multiplier, thus, it had to get it done "the dirty way". after later BIOS updates, i gained a x12 multiplier choice. now, all i do is change it from x10 to x12, and no other changes were necessary to run at 1600mhz! perfect! the price for this memory for has been rather steep since i bought my original 4GB in october 2009 (over $100 for 4GB). since around christmas, these new price points make this memory a "defininte buy". price is now around half of what it has been for the past year, and about $40 less than my original purchase in 2009! grab it while it's hot!

Cons: i need this space for more "pros". i'm sure that's disappointing to all involved. :) GSkill tech support is very active in reading/responding to reviews here on Newegg. it is so rare to see a company taking an ACTIVE role in making sure their customers are 100% happy. this was part of the reason i decided on GSkill; that fact impressed me. most companies these days couldn't care less after the sale. my system is running smoothly at 1600mhz 9-9-9-24/T2 @ 1.5v as support always recommends. have not tried for lower latency at 1600mhz, but don't fool yourself, going from 1333->1600 you will not notice a difference in system speed. be realistic. WEI score is 7.5 (for both 4GB and 8GB) in proper dual channel config. if yours is much worse, make sure you are in DUAL CHANNEL mode! (use slots in different banks/slots of same color). can't complain, memory runs at the advertised speed (1600mhz) with no problems for nearly 1.5 years so far. would absolutely recommend GSkill brand to a

Overall Review: a few extra tips: * do not increase your voltage over 1.65v for the intel i7 processors. the memory and processor have voltage ties, increasing above this voltage can fry the CPU (and possibly the memory as well). this is a hard number, straight from intel's tech documentation. don't play with fire! * i can't believe people are still commenting on this -- this memory will ONLY run at 1333mhz by default! no exceptions! that is the highest value SPD will tell the board to use -- you MUST change it to 1600 manually, either by changing DRAM multiplier to 12x or using the XMP profile! -- READ! * unless you do heavy multimedia editing, many VMs, etc. on your box, you will see little to no difference between 4GB and 8GB with Win7. even with firefox eating 500MB and MSSE another hefty 300MB, at my peak memory usage, i personally have never hit the full 4GB, my typical usage is a pretty steady 2.5/3GB at most. take note of your typical resource usage before adding more. could be a wast

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