RAM12/24/2014 12:30:52 AM

Pros: This RAM worked just as advertised. Not only is it fast, efficient, quiet, and cooled well, but it is aesthetically-pleasing (it looks awesome).

Cons: None to speak of.

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Video Card Adapter12/24/2014 12:29:24 AM

Pros: Worked EXACTLY as advertised. I needed it to install a GTX970 into my Dell XPS 8700. Since I did not upgrade my PSU, and my stock PSU only had 6-pin adapters, I needed this to hook up the 8-pin input of the video card. Needless to say, it has worked flawlessly thus far.

Cons: None.

Overall Review: I would highly recommend this to anybody who may need a 6-to-8 pin adapter. There is some worry out there that using adapters (especially using it to connect something like a PSU to a new GPU) is not advised, since it can fry or hinder the card's performance. I must say that this adapter does NOT do that, and my GTX 970 has worked flawlessly since day 1. It even came with a small plastic ring in the center of the cords to ensure tidiness of the adapter's cords!

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GTX97012/24/2014 12:23:11 AM

Pros: - Smallest GTX970 out there, a huge pro for me as I was putting it into a Dell case (XPS 8700). It was the same exact length as my original GT645, which is amazing. - Lowest power consumption of any GTX970 out there. Again, huge pro, as I did not wish to upgrade my power supply if it wasn't absolutely necessary (XPS 8700 came with a 460w PSU. This card requires 400w). - Extremely quiet operation. I have run Dragon Age: Inquisition at max ultra settings in 1920x1080 @ 60 FPS. I have also run other newer games, such as Ancient Space, Wasteland 2, Divinity: Original Sin and Endless Legend, all on maximum settings. Additionally, I have run a modded version of Skyrim, pre-rendered at 4k resolution. No skipping, choppiness or lag whatsoever, nor have I heard any coil whine or loud fan operation. - Although I have not tested this aspect, I believe the cooling is well above average, which is surprising for such a small and powerful card. When testing CPU temperature during a stress test, temperatures were unaffected by the upgrade from a GT645 to this GTX970. - HD Video Playback is as smooth as expected. - 3 DisplayPort inputs with 1 HDMI input are very useful and leaves room for future improvement if one wishes to upgrade to, say, a 4k monitor. - This card seems like it was built to last (not only physically, but technologically speaking as well).

Cons: Since there are no real cons and no eggs deducted, I will note some aspects that could potentially be improved (however, this is me playing devil's advocate): - With the low power consumption and space requirements of this card, it should of been expected by the manufacturer that the majority of consumers would be putting this card into a major manufacturer's PC, without modifying the PSU, case, fans, etc. Because of this obvious expectation, one could suggest that an additional adapter or two be included with the card. For example, the PSU that came with my XPS 8700 was sufficient enough to handle the card, but it only had 6-pin outputs and no molex. I had to wait on a 6-to-8 pin adapter to come in until I could install the card (which I am pleased to report works flawlessly). - The brass/copper-colored heat pipes looked as if they were made from recycled metals (the construction of them was not perfect; they were slightly dinged up and looked as if they had been sanded down. Rough-looking). I honestly don't care about this, but for the price and the otherwise great quality of the card, they could have put in some extra time/resources to polish the heat pipes to make them look nice and fresh for those who care about the aesthetic value of the card.

Overall Review: In closing, I would recommend this card to ANYBODY looking for a high-end card that has a high power-to-size ratio, and also a high power-to-power consumption ratio. The low power consumption and extremely small size make this an ideal card for someone like me who did not want to replace other parts in my PC just to accommodate a high-end GPU. The manufacturer really struck gold with this card in my opinion, combining efficient power consumption with small size and high-end graphical operation.

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