I really love this case12/13/2018 5:52:19 PM

Pros: I've had this case for about 5 months and I have to say it's great. Lots of room and very configurable. Looks really great when you have your l-e-d's inside. Now I know that this thing has tempered glass all around, which is pretty cool but once you get everything put together, this thing weighs a ton. I weigh about 135 and for me to pick it up is forget it, I have to take all the glass off, just to heavy for me to lift, I'm just a little guy.

Cons: The only drawback is there is no place to put a DVD player/writer, but again, with glass all around it's rather obvious you can't put a DVD in this thing, so I made my own. I have to open the side panel to get to it but that's OK. I did buy an external DVD but I would rather have the DVD in the case, less room to take up plus the external DVD, to me, seems rather flimsy, like they took it out of a laptop.

Overall Review: Bottom line. Heavy, yes. Configurable, yes. Looks, just plain great. I would definitely buy this again even though I only gave it 4 eggs and that's because of the DVD, IMHO. Thermaltake did a great job on this and I think if anyone bought this case they would think so too.

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Works for what I use it for.8/11/2017 4:47:31 AM

Pros: Good looking, easy to set up and it works great

Cons: None

Overall Review: I bought this router refurbished, was cheap enough and came directly from LinkSYS, and was a little sceptical however I was surprised that it's working great. I'm using it as a WIFI extender attached to my other WRT3200ACM. The range is great for me and while using it for my laptop and cells, I have never had any problems at all. I'm not a networking guy but I would recommend this to anyone, that is if it's still available refurbished..

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Really nice case9/28/2014 7:41:19 PM

Pros: Comes wit 3 fans already installed, 1-120mm rear and 2-140mm front. and you can turn the fans LED's on or of via a button on the top of the case. 2 USB 2.0 and 2-USB 3.0 on the case top. There is enough room in the case to hold the Noctua NH-D14 cooler as well as liquid cooling. Can hold up to 8 hard drives and has a cage to hold at least 2 SSD drives. The cage for the SSD drives can be mounted on the HD cage if the top four are removed.Solid case and worth the price.

Cons: Because of the two front fans you're limited to 3 bays on the front of the case. In one of my cases, I have 2, I'm using the Enermax Liqtech 240. Because of the CPU power connector and the CPU fan connection being on the top of the motherboard you cannot install the fans inside of the case, the must be installed outside and the screws that comes with the Liqtech 240 to mount the fans are not really long enough to mount the fans because the holes on top of the case are recessed. I have two grills on my fans so that nothing can come in contact with the fans so needless to say I had to get longer screws but at the same time I had to use washers on the 2 front and 2 rear mounting holes because the 4 screws come in contact with the inside of the radiator. Also I guess the type of power supply I'm using I had to remove the cage for the SSD drives. I don't have any of these anyway so I didn't mind. The fans are not PWM, would be nice if they were.

Overall Review: I have two of these cases. I like them a lot. They are really sturdy cases and although there are some limitations they are good cases. I didn't know if my NH-D14 would fit so I contacted Tech support and they said it should, and it does with room to spare. I've never used water cooling before so this is a learning experience and even though I had to mount the fans for the Liqtech outside of the case, the fans work just fine. I would recommend this case.

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Pleasently Suprised7/8/2014 10:46:45 AM

Pros: Nicely built, easy to install, easy to control fans. I have 3 Delta fans, the AFB1212GHE-CF0 and these things just scream at max rpm. The amperage is what I worry about cause at 2.45A(Max-3.24A) it's hard to find anything to control these things. I have to admit the Sunbeam RHK-EX-BA does the job and with no problems at start up (that's where I usually get problems cause of the amps to start the fans). I've had the Delta's now for about a year and couldn't use them. The other fan controllers just didn't have enough umph to start the fans at start up but with this Sunbeam, I've set them and they start right up. I know about the toggles but I wanted the rheostat cause with the toggles you only have low, off and high but at least with the rheostat you can set them where you want them and forget them.

Cons: Could use a little more length in the cables but not enough to take an egg off.

Overall Review: I've been using this for about 3 weeks and had no problems at all, I just hope it stays that way, getting tired of trying to find something to drive these Deltas without having to revert to a toggle controller.

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Outstanding3/8/2012 10:04:09 AM

Pros: Built solid, easy to install, had the 2.0 for two years with no problems whatsoever and the 3.0 are fast to. Oh, and I had all the screws to.

Cons: None and don't expect any.

Overall Review: I've had the Rosewill 2.0 (RX-358 V2) since 2/25/09 and they have worked flawlessly, not one problem at all. So needless to say when Rosewill came out with the 3.0 I just had to get two of these. They have been on since I've gotten them, about a week now, and so far not one problem. I took my 2 drives, which were internal and put them in the 3.0 enclosure, 500gig each and even though I have USB 2.0 on my motherboard, these have worked without a hitch. Had to transfer files and again, not a problem. One thing you do have to get used to and that is both lights being on. I'm used to the 2.0 and only one light being on. By the way, these lights are a little bit brighter than my modem lights so they don't bother me at all, I kinda like them myself. I figured that if I ever have to replace my motherboard and it has USB 3.0 which it probably will, I'm already there. I've bought quite a lot of things from Newegg and Rosewill and in all honesty, THEY BOTH ROCK.

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Verry Nice2/26/2012 9:48:10 AM

Pros: Nice to look at, pretty solid construction, easy to read, fanspeed works great. I can't say anything about the Temp sensors cause I haven't hooked them up yet, don't know if I'm going to.

Cons: The only problem I had was getting the controller into the drive bay, seemed just a little to big but I got it in with a few choice words and a hammer(only kidding), the hammer I mean the choice words were definetly used. Other than that it's working just fine.

Overall Review: I wanted something to control my fans and at the same time let me know what their running at. Bought 3 Scythe Ultra Kaze 120x38 case fans to go with the controller. Hooked right up wit no problem. Some say to hook up the cables first, then run them. Me, I run first then hook up, whatever turns your crank I guess. I have to admit, even though i'd read where a few of these were DOA or parts of them were, I decided to go with it anyway. At the present time, I'm glad I did. I always read the reviews you guys put out there. It's a great tool and you can thank Newegg for that. NEWEGG ROCKS!.

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Great Fan2/26/2012 8:39:16 AM

Pros: Push and pull quite a lot of air, are not half as loud as my previous fans and at the present time, these are doing what their supposed to do, cool.

Cons: At the present time none. Lets see where I'm at in 6 months.

Overall Review: What prompted me in buying these fan was a heat issue. I have a ThermalTake Armor+ and because of the size of this thing I figured the stock fans really weren't enough to cool it so I went with another fan. The bigger the better, right? Well, I found out different. I just replaced my other 3 fans with these and even at full throttle, these are much quieter than my others. The dBa rating for the ones I replaced was 66.5 where the Scythe is rated at 45.9 so they are much quieter. The cfm rating for my previous fans were 252 where the Scythe is rated at 133 so I did lose cfm but I actually gained cooling. Strange isn't it, I always thought the more cfm the better the cooling. Guess I was wrong. Learning process. Oh, one other thing, NEWEGG ROCKS!!!!!

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Great cooler but........2/25/2012 6:27:49 AM

Pros: looks really really nice in my Thermaltake Armor+ and does a nice job of keeping the hd's (3) cool. But now the cons.

Cons: As everyone knows, dust is a killer for a computer and needless to say you have do do some housecleaning once in a while. This includes your hard drives which are enclosed in the Masscool Sytrin. The drives get dirty after a while and you have to remove the drives from the enclosure to clean them as well as cleaning the fans.. The problem is the fans. These things are very touchy. You can tear a wire from the fan and not know it, so when you put it back in, the fan(s) don't work. Cable management is not the highlite of these things. Also, the wires from the fans are short and are hard to connect, again you can tear a wire loose and now you don't have your fan(s). I clean my computer at least every 6 months cause I live in a very dusty area and it never fails, I have to replace at least one fan. I just cleaned my case and now it looks like I have to replace 3 fans and the funny part about it is I'm very careful hooking these things up. Oh well, Guess I'll go with External.

Overall Review: When I bought this enclosure(3 of them), I also bought replacement fans (10 of them). I've had these for two years and I have 1 replacement fan left. The enclosure does the job. It keeps the HD cool, but the fans are the issue, at least for me. Just remember to be careful with those wires, they will break off at the fan and if it does, well, don't say I didn't warn ya.

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