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9/18/2011 2:22:10 PM

Pros: Got this card for a fileserver PC and I must say I'm quite pleased. Needed a PCI SATA card that had at least 4 internal ports. It had to be PCI because that's all I have left for slots on my board. Comes with RAID, which is handy, but I didn't really need it. I use LVM for all my drives. SATA based optical drives DO work with this card. I was able to boot a couple of linux live CDs with a DVD drive connected to this card. DVD Drives needs to be configured in "Individual mode" (no RAID) which means not selecting those drives at all when setting up RAID (hit F4 to enter the card's BIOS). Instructions are good and I had no problems with drivers, at least in linux.

Cons: It uses the PCI bus, which is an older technology and I was curious to see what kind of transfer speeds I could get out of a single drive. I used "hdparm -t" to test a number of drives and they all maxed at 90MB/s (I know the drives are capable of higher speeds) meaning that the PCI bus is the limiting factor (or possibly the Silicon chipset). PCI is a shared bus, too. If you have all 4 ports in use, be prepared to see lower speeds, although I don't really consider this a fault of the card, it's sufficient for my needs. 6 ports (4 internal + 2 eSATA), but only 4 can be used at once via a set of jumpers. Fortunately, it comes configured from the manufacture with all 4 internal ports ready to go, which is what I wanted. I have no use for eSATA.

Overall Review: My media center rig has 11 hard drives of varying size/type with a single LVM volume of 7.8TB, which was only achievable with this card. I would recommend this card to anyone that needs some extra SATA ports and only has PCI slots available.

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9/28/2010 7:10:30 PM

Pros: Excellent $$/GB for a CF. Speedy r/w.

Cons: Doesn't come with a sticker pack.

Overall Review: I use an Acard ANS-9010 Ram disk drive as my primary os drive. The drive features a CF backup slot for backing up the whole drive with the push of a button. This CF card fills that role perfectly. Can backup an entire 32gb drive in just under 10 mins. Restores in about 6 mins.

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excellent memory1/16/2009 8:46:35 AM

Pros: Bought 4 of these bad boys for my P5N-E SLI and Vista x64 is now a happy camper. I use it for lots of stuff, gamming, sotfware development, VMware (running 3 instances of Server 2008 with 2GB each...)

Cons: none

Overall Review: I've recently been getting random BSODs during use and during boot-up. Messages are, for the most part, random in nature making trouble shooting difficult. I tested each stick individually with memtest86 and found 1 stick failing every test (it also BSOD my vista, by itself, on every boot-up) RMAing...

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