I like it12/11/2018 6:48:16 AM

Pros: Looks good perfect for a laptop USB 3.1 Type-C

Cons: none yet

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Great while it lasted6/6/2015 3:55:45 PM

Pros: Worked just as advertised while it worked

Cons: After 8 months of use I got the dreaded click of death,

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Good buy!3/14/2011 10:12:55 AM

Pros: Protects my Torch from scratches and mine was black just like I ordered.

Cons: The rubber cushion took a while to position correctly. It kept locking my phone without touching the button. A little reworking and stretching it finally stopped. The slide cover makes it hard to use the outside number/letters on the keyboard.

Overall Review: Great price, about half the going price. If they decide to make a Defender and Newegg carries it I'll buy one.

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Great media keyoard2/5/2011 11:35:40 PM

Pros: Small, lightweight and functional is all I needed and I got it with this keyboard.

Cons: The trackball could have been a little bigger, however, with a little practice it's getting easier to control.

Overall Review: Trackball sensitivity can be controlled with the 4000, 8000 and 12000DPI Fn keys. The trackball isn't made for a lite touch. I've found that it works best with a little downward pressure when using it.

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