For Top of the Line, Consistent Performance5/27/2013 9:42:44 PM

Pros: This card will do everything you want it to do. EVGA's FTW edition is the BEST version. BUY THIS CARD. -EXTREMELY easy to overclock out of the box -You can overclock extremely, fan automatically cools -I have every latest game, like Metro Last Light, Bioshock infinite, everything demanding....after overclocking, this baby still maxes out EVERYTHING. Arma 3 Alpha looks AMAZING. -WORTH the money. -BETTER THAN ALL 680s I COULD FIND -EVGA is a quality brand, this is quality built -You get cool stickers, extra cords/adapters -STAYS COOL. Just set the fan to auto, it will not overheat. -A monkey could overclock this card. -COMES WITH METRO LAST LIGHT. ABSOLUTELY AMAZING GAME, LOOKS AMAZING, PLAYS WONDERFULLY, AMAZING VALUE. Take advantage of that, I wish I had waited for this deal.

Cons: -Very large, check dimensions and measure your case. -When the card is working hardest, you can hear the fan. Some people care about that, but if you're making a serious build, that little extra noise shouldn't be an issue. 0_0 -If you're reading this and worried about cons, BUY THE CARD. TRUST ME. THIS IS THE BEST 670 ON THE MARKET, BEST DEAL.

Overall Review: Download LATEST drivers from Nvidia's website. Always be careful when overclocking. Download the Nvidia Performance Monitor. Don't let the card exceed 92 degrees, protect your card. MAKE SURE YOU OVERCLOCK. Settings out of the box are nothing compared to what it can do. You WILL be amazed. If you've never overclocked, just search it on Google. Today, overclocking should be mainstream. I think it is. Enjoy. :)

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Amazing Keyboard, AMAZING price5/16/2013 12:03:25 AM

Pros: -Keyboard was in PRISTINE condition upon arrival. -No scratches, smudges, or anything. BEAUTIFUL. -Does NOT appear refurbished. -LED lights look amazing. Not overpowering, and extremely customizable. You can set the keys to change colors upon launch of different games, for example. Full RGB range. -I've never had extra keys or assigned macros to anything, but the Logitech software made it extremely easy. Took 5 minutes to completely customize my Skyrim experience. -The applet LCD screen is AMAZING. You can set RSS feeds to go directly through the keyboard, and you can view news headlines (and follow the link) while playing games, listening to music, or whatever. -Palm rest is a huge plus. -Keys are SMOOTH, quiet, and responsive. Very responsive. -You have 3 sets of 18 keys, all completely programmable. And that's NOT including multi-key commands. I'm not even going to attempt that math. -I'm a fast typer. This keyboard is the best keyboard I have owned. -I have literally been playing on this for hours straight. I have used every key. Everything works. I don't get it, it's brand new. -You can set commands to your G keys even while browsing the desktop/internet. I now can rollover G1, G2, and G3, and open iTunes, Firefox, and Steam. -This keyboard, ladies and gentlemen, is what you need for gaming.

Cons: -I never get this lucky with a deal like this, I'll probably die tomorrow.

Overall Review: I don't understand everyone else's negative reviews. The keys are very light in the dark, and looking from my bright screen straight to the keyboard to quickly find a command is NO problem at all. I would NOT want the keys to be as bright as the monitor, and neither would you. This is a QUALITY Logitech product, and it does it's job. Keep in mind "Refurbished" always means you're taking a bit of a risk, but for Pete's sake DO IT. LOOK AT THE ORIGINAL PRICE COMPARED TO THIS. It's a friggin keyboard and it's replaceable. Newegg never fails me, and probably never will. I was ready to clean this bad boy down, and it was in beautiful condition. I mean seriously, there wasn't a speck of dust. Bravo Newegg, bravo. The volume bar is a really neat addition. Works very well. Keys are placed in smart places, and the shift button is depressed slightly, which strangely makes sprinting in games a lot easier/more accessible. The question is not whether or not to buy this, but, how far can a keyboard go before you're cheating? Haha. Take a chance, save a crazy amount of money. Buy this, then take a cute girl out to eat with the remaining money.

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Exactly What I Needed as a Serious Gamer5/3/2013 6:43:38 PM

Pros: Title says it all. I religiously play demanding games on Steam. Throughout the past year I've been upgrading my PC, and I really needed more/better RAM. Had 8gb of some substandard *blah* that crashed every time I tried to overclock, and this fixed the whole problem. This went on sale the other week, and I took advantage of it. I unpacked and installed within minutes. Computer immediately recognized, no problem. As every true PC fanatic, immediately booted into BIOS and overclocked. Again, no problem. I haven't overclocked it to the max MHz yet, I forget the exact number, but it's currently running 1866MHz beautifully. Absolutely no setbacks. This is exactly what I needed. If you're a hardcore gamer, and you need RAM not just to use, but to work with you and overclock, this is all you need man. Don't spend too much money on the Dominator. If you're a student like me with a hobby on a bit of a budget, look no further.

Cons: None. Capitalism at its finest. Bought myself a product, got exactly what I paid more. No more, no less.

Overall Review: I would follow the trend and post my full specs, but nobody cares about your specs man. I have a PC with an i7 processor and a gtx 670 FTW EVGA. I have a keyboard, a soundsystem, two speakers.. Have some change on the desk, currently drinking coffee.. I also have a hard drive guys. I even have fancy LED lights.

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