Wake up issue with Display Port--Do not buy9/13/2020 1:47:12 PM

Pros: No pros since the monitor doesn't perform the most basic function

Cons: Won't wake up after sleep 50% of the time

Overall Review: Specs are fine, and pice is good. BUT...once the monitor goes to sleep, there is a good 50% change it won't wake up. I don't mean just "input signal not detected" type of handshake issue. What's really bad is the monitor becomes totally unresponsive to anything. None of the buttons work at all, including input switches, On/Off. It just goes into zombie mode. The ONLY way to revive it is to unplug the power cord. Imagine you have to do this multiple times a day. It happens with only the DP input, HDMI is fine. There is definitely an engineering/design issue with this monitor. Like the other user, I bought new VESA certified cable, tried all sorts of setting changes, nothing helps. DO NOT BUY if you need DP input.

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