Looks great but spits grease.9/7/2019 9:04:42 PM

Pros: This fan seems to move a lot of air and doesn't make a lot of noise while doing it. It also looks very nice synced up to the rest of my PC with the MSI Mystic light software. Works perfect as an exhaust fan in my case.

Cons: This fan has been spitting what I think is bearing lubricant onto the outside of the fan housing since I installed it. This could be dangerous if the liquid shorted something out on the PC. The power and ARGB cables are very short so you will need extensions in most situations. There are also ugly 'do not remove or you will void the warranty' stickers on the end of the cables which most people will remove just to have a clean looking build.

Overall Review: I noticed little drops of liquid on my motherboard's infinity light panel and it was coming from this fan. I cleaned it off and have been cleaning the fan housing every couple days to get rid of the liquid coming out of the fan. It seems to have been spitting out less liquid over time so I haven't considered removing and returning the fan yet. I give it 3 eggs due to the fan working and looking good, but docked the eggs for the liquid coming out of it.

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What an amazing piece of technology this is!9/7/2019 8:51:54 PM

Pros: Overclocks very easily and stays very cool while doing so. Looks amazing with the ARGB lighting effects. Maxes all my VR and PC games graphics settings with ease. Plenty of video outputs.

Cons: Might need to buy a better monitor to really push this card (is this a con?)

Overall Review: This card handles everything I throw at it with ease. My 100Hz Ultra-wide is actually bottle-necking this card in some games so I will be monitor shopping in October. No regrets with this purchase and I would recommend this card to anyone that wants to get the most out of their PC gaming experience and has the budget.

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Great looking cooler that keeps my processor very cool.9/7/2019 8:43:29 PM

Overall Review: The radiator is huge and easy to mount. The fan and pump lighting looks really great all synced up with my MSI board. This cooler keeps my processor nice and cool under load and the idle temps are really low. The ARGB controller that comes with it is easy to install and supports more lights than the cooler has so I was able to use it to sync up other fans and my case lights. Keep in mind the ARGB cable that comes with it will work for five different devices so if you bought three additional fans like I did you will need another 3-to-1 splitter cable. The fans are fairly quiet too, I have had much noisier fans in past builds. Very happy with this purchase so far.

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Great looking and great performing RAM!9/7/2019 8:35:11 PM

Pros: This RAM looks spectacular in my MSI Mystic Light setup. It runs perfectly at the listed 3600 MHz speed and bumps my 9900 KF processor to 4.8 GHz with the XMP setting.

Overall Review: Great RAM for a great price. I recommend it to anyone building a nice PC.

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I really like these drives.9/7/2019 8:31:31 PM

Pros: Lots of space for a great price. I really like the speed of the 7200 rpm drives and put my game collection on them for a little boost in load time over the 5400 drives. Not as fast as the SSD drives but when you have a game collection as big as mine, you would break the bank storing it all on SSD's. The drives are pretty quiet too, the case fans make more noise than the drives do. The black color is very clean looking.

Overall Review: I have two PC's with one of these in each of them for my game collection and they work great. Very happy with them so far.

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What a great processor!9/7/2019 8:26:22 PM

Pros: Very fast, runs very cool, and very easy to overclock. No unnecessary built-in video.

Overall Review: This processor is worth every penny.

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A very beautiful motherboard with some minor issues9/7/2019 8:23:22 PM

Pros: This motherboard is truly beautiful. The ability to sync the many ARGB lights with other PC components using the MSI Mystic Light software is a sight to behold. The many lighting effects give you the ability to control the look of your PC build to be as flashy or as plain as you want. Fan headers and ARGB headers all over the place so clean wiring is very easy. The BIOS is very easy to configure and overclocking is easy to set up. The OLED panel is nice for being able to see the various temps and voltages of your hardware and looks nice. The build seems solid and the motherboard is very well-made. Lot's of USB ports and three M.2 slots for lots of hard drives. The clear CMOS button is very handy.

Cons: MSI Mystic Light software seems like it is in its infancy so getting the lights to perform exactly how you want can be a time consuming task. Switching between light effects isn't always a smooth process and some effects get stuck. Light effects don't always work correctly on startup and shutdown and sometimes the lights just turn off for no reason while the PC is running. The OLED screen has turned off on me and I was able to get it back although I have read forum posts where people haven't got theirs turned back on. I built a PC for a friend with this motherboard and his OLED screen is currently not working, so I hope MSI support can help him with that. For the price I would expect this board to be a little less troublesome, but this is usually what happens with cutting edge technology. The power boost USB 3.0 header doesn't seem to like my Razer Mamba Hyperflux mouse because on startup the mouse buttons act like they are held down and I have to unplug and replug to fix the issue. Moving the cable to the USB ports attached to the regular USB 3.0 front panel header as well as the motherboard ports solves this issue as well.

Overall Review: Besides the couple of issues I mentioned, this board has performed beautifully with my 9900KF and 32GB of DDR4 3600 RAM. Although the issues I mentioned are mostly cosmetic, I expect a more issue-free experience from such a premium product. The Mystic Light software feels like it is beta software at this point so if you care about syncing your ARGB lights and don't like dealing with issues, proceed with caution. I would still recommend this board though because it has ran perfectly solid besides the couple of cosmetic issues I listed, and when the lights work as intended, this motherboard is part of the most beautiful builds I have done to date.

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Manufacturer Response:
Dear Andy, Thank you for taking the time to write a review for the MEG Z390 GODLIKE! If you ever require technical assistance or warranty support, please feel free to contact our technical support department directly at 626.271.1004 from M to F, 9am to 6pm Pacific Standard Time. Thanks for choosing MSI! Best Regards, MSI Review Team
Very fast storage!9/7/2019 7:49:50 PM

Pros: This little hard drive works wonders for an operating system. My computer boots to windows 10 pro in a couple seconds. A good amount of space although I only use it for the operating system and downloading drivers and other programs for PC maintenance.

Overall Review: No con's with this one. It is blazing fast and a good amount of space. This drive is perfect if you want your operating system to work at its full potential. Very happy with this purchase.

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Ownership: 1 month to 1 year
Awesome keyboard!9/7/2019 7:46:34 PM

Pros: The mechanical keys feel very nice, there is no question when they activate with the satisfying mechanical click. The lighting looks very nice synced up with other Razer Chroma devices. The woven cable is a nice touch. No unnecessary buttons or cables. Feels very sturdy and well-built. Easy to configure the many color options with the Razer Synapse software.

Cons: Cable is a bit short so I had to put it in the front panel, but not enough to take away an egg.

Overall Review: This keyboard looks really great beside my Razer Mamba Hyperflux mouse and ARGB mousepad. You really get what you pay for with this keyboard.

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What a beautiful and well-built case!9/7/2019 7:39:34 PM

Pros: Beautiful craftsmanship and the tempered glass side really shows off the PC components well. The ARGB light strips around the case look awesome and were easy to sync up to the motherboard components through the coolermaster ARGB controller I got with my CPU cooler. The built-in lighting effects are pretty cool although I don't use them much in favor of letting the MSI Mystic Light sync all the lights. Awesome venting and the various mounts in the case make pretty much any sort of build possible. So many different drive bays you could have a plethora of drives. Very roomy, plenty of room for custom water cooling solutions and the modular design of this case allows for a lot of build options. Metal panels to hide the unsightly parts of the build like cables, power supply and standard hard drives. Comes with a powered fan header splitter which is very handy when powering the many fans that fit in this case. Cable management area is large and has some built in straps to help manage cables. The handles are very solid and very handy for moving it.

Cons: A bit heavy, but that is understandable since it is so well made. If I was going to nitpick it, I think the only issue I can come up with is the doors don't lock shut so you will want to tape them shut when moving it.

Overall Review: You really get what you pay for with this case. The couple of small negatives aren't worth taking off an egg since the pro's outweigh the con's by a huge margin. I recommend this case to anyone who wants to make a PC that will both look and perform amazingly.

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Very cool technology, at a price.9/7/2019 7:22:01 PM

Pros: Looks great, performs great in games, dpi setting in great spot, and useful rubber grip material on either side.

Cons: Had some issues where the mouse would glitch out on PC startup where the left and right mouse click buttons acted like they were held down. Only happens when plugged into a certain USB 3.0 header on my motherboard, so could just be an incompatibility issue. Unplugging and replugging the mouse fixed it and moving the mouse to the other set of USB 3.0 plugs on my front panel fixed it. Using the USB ports on the motherboard also didn't have any issues.

Overall Review: Mouse looks awesome, is very well-built, very light, and there is no battery to worry about. A little on the expensive side but performs wonderfully in games and other applications. The dpi settings accessible by the mouse wheel is a great touch. Lots of great light options in the new Razer Synapse software. A few electrical warnings on the mouse pad due to its charging properties, but haven't ran into any issues yet. Taking off an egg due to the high price and some issues I had during restarts with the mouse pad plugged into my case's front USB 3.0 ports. Mouse pad material feels nice and the ARGB lighting looks great.

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Works great!9/7/2019 7:09:08 PM

Pros: This 3-to-1 splitter works perfect for wiring up three argb fans to a single argb controller port. I am currently using it to control the color of three argb coolermaster fans on a cpu cooler radiator. The cable length is decent and the cable material feels well-made.

Overall Review: Works as advertised.

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High quality protector and easy to install!10/15/2016 4:01:58 PM

Pros: This screen protectors were very worth the price and even came with spares in case I messed up the first install. It doesn't mess with the 3D effect of the New 3DS whatsoever and are pretty much invisible unless you are really looking for them.

Cons: None

Overall Review: A must have for anyone that cares about protecting their 3DS screens.

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Awesome Monitor!10/15/2016 3:58:35 PM

Pros: This monitor is really spectacular for gaming! If you have a g-sync video card, this monitor makes all your old favorite games better than ever. It made pretty much every game in my collection more replayable. The stand is really nice looking and the light accent on the desk is s a great touch, especially for people that have gone with a red LED color scheme on their pc build. The menu and buttons are very intuitive and I figured them out without even looking at the manual. The back of the monitor is really cool looking although I have a corner desk in a corner so it doesn't really get seen.

Cons: A little pricey, but you get what you pay for. Shipped in the factory box, so be sure to be there when it is delivered. Looks just like a big expensive monitor sitting on your porch.

Overall Review: Some games require a config file edit in order to get the most out of the resolution, but I am very happy with the games in my collection that are working with it. The g-sync is very solid and every game I have tried so far hasn't had a tear in it that I have seen. Things like flickering lights and fast moving particles that used to cause tearing on my old 120 Hz monitor are completely smooth now. This is really the cherry on the sundae for my current build.

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The perfect cable at the perfect price for my ultrawide g-sync monitor!10/15/2016 3:46:03 PM

Pros: I got this cable for my 3440x1440 ultra-wide Asus G-sync monitor and it does the job perfectly. 100Hz overclock is perfectly stable and this cable allows me to have my PC at a good distance from the monitor compared to the 5ft cable that came with it. Very happy with the quality of the cable and the price.

Cons: None

Overall Review: Great price for a great cable. Well worth it. After paying over 50$ for DVI-D cables for my 120Hz monitors, this cable is pretty awesome. More flexible than the dual link dvi by far and covers a better distance for the price.

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Worked awesome - for a year11/21/2015 12:45:00 PM

Pros: Easy to overclock. Bios was easy to update. Visual Bios was very nice and easy to use. Great looking board, especially in a matching white case (Cooler Master Stryker). Great board layout and cabling was very clean.

Cons: Apparently not very well built. Only lasted just over a year on first XMS setting with water cooling (CPU @ 3.5 and RAM @ 2800 which is a pretty low OC for this high-end equipment). This board might have just killed my 5960x processor, getting the dreaded '00' error and it no longer posts. I will be ordering another board with better reviews, RMAing this thing doesn't really seem like a good idea since it is discontinued and seems to be having so many issues. The three-egg rating is pretty telling and I would rather not put a $1000 processor at risk.

Overall Review: This board was the backbone of my VR gaming PC and performed beautifully for just over a year (1 year and 2 months to be exact). Combined with the 5960x, Corsair Vengeance LPX 2800, Nepton 140 XL water cooling, NVidia Titan X 12 GB, EVGA 1000w Power supply, it handled everything with ease. After handling the most demanding graphics almost daily for a year, it died while idling.

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Manufacturer Response:
Dear Valued ASUS Customer, Thank you for taking the time to write this review and I apologize for any inconvenience. We appreciate your feedback on this matter and I will be letting the related department know about the issues you are experiencing for future improvements to this product. What kind of troubleshooting have you tried so far? Have you checked all your cabling and reseating all your components? If you decide to RMA, I can assist with that if needed. If you need further assistance with any technical questions or inquiries feel free to email me at cl-nestor@asus.com. Thank you for choosing ASUS! Best Regards, -Nestor ASUS Customer Loyalty - US Support
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Another great WD product!11/20/2014 3:45:44 PM

Pros: I have owned pretty much every iteration of the WD media player and this one doesn't fail to impress. The added wi-fi is a huge bonus as it makes upgrading the media player very easy and provides wireless access to many great media streaming services. Setup was a snap and I had the media player upgraded with the latest software within the first 10 minutes. The player itself is even more compact than previous media players. The menus are very intuitive and easy to navigate especially if you have owned previous WD media players.

Cons: None

Overall Review: My old WD Live plus player was a little touchy when it came to heat. I had to make sure to set it on its side and give lots of access to the ventilation to create a chimney effect or i would get random black screen flashes. This new WD TV Media Player has opened up the entire bottom of the unit as ventilation which looks like it will keep this unit running cool. One other thing to mention is I didn't see Netflix as one of the possible streaming services available on this device. This isn't a con to me since I have so many other devices that stream Netflix (TV, Wii-U, XBox360, PC, etc...) but it may be a con for some.

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Great Power Supply!9/7/2014 8:49:19 PM

Pros: Lots of power for a great price, in a great-looking package. The weaved cable housing looks great and there are more cables than I will ever need. The modular design allowed for a very clean build as I was able to only run the cables I needed. My new Haswell-E setup is running very smooth thanks to this beauty.

Cons: None.

Overall Review: All of the EVGA products I have bought over the years have been top-notch. This power supply is yet another great product from a great company.

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Wow this thing is a beast!9/7/2014 8:40:13 PM

Pros: This processor is amazing! It is so fast and can handle so many processes at once without batting an eye. Even at stock speeds this thing is beating my overclocked 4.0 GHz i7 3770k in every area. I can't speak for every setup, but mine was pretty easy to tune. I chose to leave it on the XMP1 setting with all cores forced to 3.5 GHz (the max stock turbo speed) and the RAM @ 2400 MHz. It runs very fast and very cool at this setting (30 idle-60C load), and all my apps run faster than ever.

Cons: A little spendy, but if you want the best you shell out the dough. Runs a little hot when it is under load, but it is a beast so it is to be expected. I have great cooling as well, so I am not worried.

Overall Review: I had this running very stable with the XMP2 setting which overclocked all cores to 4.2 GHz and the RAM to 3000 MHz, but this made my fans spin up alot during my initial benchmarking so I decided to back off the settings. I might mess around with tuning again as they come out with updates to the firmware. I water cool this processor and I would recommend anyone else to do the same.

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Great RAM!9/7/2014 8:15:27 PM

Pros: This is some great RAM! Ran at 2800 MHz right out of the box and allowed me to get a great clock speed out of my processor. Great looking and relatively low profile. Stable so far through all my benchmarks and games.

Cons: A little spendy, but I wanted the new sweet hardware and you get what you pay for.

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Great Drive!9/7/2014 8:11:50 PM

Pros: This is a great looking drive that was easy to install. Fast burning speeds and plays all the formats I need it to. Great price for a great piece of hardware.

Cons: None

Overall Review: I am happy with this product.

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Great Case! Very clean looking!9/7/2014 8:08:47 PM

Pros: This is an affordable, great-looking case with lots of space, fans, air flow, and room for peripherals. The cable management system was easy to use and my setup looks very clean because of it. The SSD drive bay is a definite plus. I also liked the position and airflow of the hard drive bays. The many dust filters should help keep the inside clean.

Cons: It seems like the case was painted after the screw holes were drilled, so getting the motherboard mounting screws into the case was a bit of a pain. Not going to dock an egg for this because I got the job done without stripping anything, and I am really happy with the build overall.

Overall Review: Cooler Master hasn't let me down yet. Great products at a great price.

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Great Cooler!9/7/2014 7:56:16 PM

Pros: The cooler is very easy to install. It looks really great and doesn't add a lot of clutter to my clean build. Keeps my i7 5960x nice and cool. Very stout hoses look great and should last for the life of the build. My first water cooler and I couldn't be happier with its performance and ease of use. It is also very quiet unless I am pushing the CPU enough that the dual fans spin up.

Cons: None.

Overall Review: The radiator is a little large, but I suppose that is a plus :)

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Ownership: more than 1 year
Still my favorite OS9/7/2014 7:49:57 PM

Pros: I use this operating system for my gaming computers and it is still my favorite. Very stable and low-maintenance. Good price for a good OS.

Cons: None really

Overall Review: Hopefully DX12 will work with Windows 7, because I still like it better than 8.

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Awesome Card for the Price!6/7/2014 8:26:58 PM

Pros: Awesome card for the price. You can run two monitors off of it. 2GB of ram. Installation was a breeze. Works great with Windows 8 and 7.

Cons: None

Overall Review: I got this card to replace an old 7900 GTKO that needed to be overclocked to run windows 7 or 8 without sketching out. Since I was forced to finally upgrade the PC from windows XP when MS decided to stop supporting it, I decided to get this card as a replacement. I am glad I did. It is a lot of bang for the buck.

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