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Cut down my time it takes to dry my hair!1/4/2020 5:26:06 PM

Pros: - Fast drying for hair - Reduced dry time - easy to attach and detach - convenient stand

Cons: - Heavy - Extra long cord catches when drying

Overall Review: I love this dryer so much! It drys my hair so fast, and I really want the dyson air wrap but it's not available through Newegg. The stand is great and holds everything except the diffuser really well!

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Works Great! Great gift.12/10/2019 10:35:09 AM

Pros: - lightweight - great texture - works as intended

Cons: - internet connection struggles - was not color I ordered

Overall Review: Only hardware complaint is internet connection never seems to hold if I'm anywhere except next to my modem/router. Only physical complaint was I was delivered the wrong color. Otherwise, works perfectly and it's been fun playing Pokemon sword!

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My teeth have never felt cleaner!12/10/2019 10:25:36 AM

Pros: - Easy to Use and set up - straight forward design - comfortable brush heads - good battery life

Cons: - heavy and large handle, not good for petite women - app doesnt seem to know when I'm cleaning which side of tooth - so messy, spit and toothpaste everywhere if you take it out of your mouth while brushing

Overall Review: I really like this toothbrush and my teeth feel so clean after using it! Only complaints I have is that it's not optimal for petite women and small mouths. Its heavy and bulky, which makes it hard to hold. Otherwise, everything else about it is wonderful and my teeth look cleaner and whiter after two weeks use!

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A great chair for the price, but not perfect12/5/2019 6:36:10 PM

Pros: - Easy Assembly - Pillows are comfortable - Chair itself is comfortable - Looks Amazing - No bad smell

Cons: - Arm Rests HURT, hard plastic - Arm Rests loosen a lot after awhile - Not very wide, hard to cross my legs

Overall Review: It's a great looking chair, and pretty comfortable. The arm rests are not that great and I bought some memory foam covers to put on them to make them better. I do love the lumbar and neck pillows though!

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Not bad. About what I expected.4/20/2018 9:41:04 AM

Pros: It's exactly what it's suppose to be. Great panel and cool aesthetics. Exact same as it's competitor the Asus p279q. I mean if you know anything about this panel than you know its great. Everything that the majority of people have said is what is good and bad about this monitor.

Cons: Now for the bad stuff... I'm not a picky person and I've seen people talk about bad packaging before. This one wasn't horrible but it was pretty bad. Disappointed in the way it's shipped. Since I have no images to back this up I'll just be as descriptive and to the point as possible. It has no outer packaging besides the normal box it comes in. Not very safe. Also it was completely UNSEALED. No tape at all. Also it was the most disgusting box I've ever had to handle. It was COVERED in dirt and grim, you couldn't pick it up without getting dirt all over your arm and shirt. With that bad of packaging it makes me wonder if it caused any damage during transit. I've heard people talk about getting dirt under their screen about a year ago and if the box was this dirty it's not that hard to imagine some getting inside the box as well. Something of this price and quality should have a much more sturdy box to be shipped in. I've had shoes come in more protective packaging. Now lets discuss the black light bleed. About as much as everyone's been saying. It has some bleed in the corners. Probably not enough to care about but more than I'd prefer. My older asus mx279h IPS had ZERO black light problems whatsoever so it's disappointing to buy this product and actually have problems with this. But I've seen issues on both sides of the fence with this monitor and the Asus pg279q so I won't worry about it. Also the color calibration is pretty disappointing out of the box. Many people say this one needs adjusting compared to the Asus out of the box. Which is completely fine but disheartening when you first buy a monitor. I'll play with it this weekend and I'm sure I'll find a setting that looks great. But it's a con for sure as of now.

Overall Review: I would recommend this product. Don't be turned off from my 3 star review. I just feel like a few easy things could have been done to make this a much better purchase experience.

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