Thing is massive!6/25/2021 8:29:11 AM

Pros: Runs fantastic and keeps a very nice and steady temp and fps. Works really really well with the setup I have. Looks great with the rgb customization. Really great smooth running card

Cons: Need a full ATX case with a gpu support for good comparison it completely dwarfs a 980ti. Recommend 850w power supply for sure

Overall Review: Definitely worth the buy. I know it's not a 3080 like everyone want but I definitely wouldn't shy away from this card. Better than you'd expect I'm sure. And if anyone is curious I'm running: -Ryzen 5 5600x -Asus x570 Prime-pro -4 tridentz royals 8gb a piece 32gb combined at 3600 -Seasonic 850w -Sabrent rocket nvme 1tb -Seagate Barracuda 2tb 7200rpm hhd -Air cooled by 7 nactua fans (1 is for cpu air cooler) everything stays nice and cool -Case is a DeepCool CL500 If you have a similar setup I'd 10/10 recommend

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