Amazing Ram11/18/2020 8:10:24 PM

Pros: Excellent ram fast cheap multiple profiles

Cons: I was not able to run them at the full 4000mhz but not enough to pull an egg off, probably just not enough voltage or limitation of the z370...

Overall Review: I paired them with a ASUS Z370-H gaming board and a 9900k I clocked to 4.7ghz and ram I clocked to 3800 at cl 16 so I’m happy with the results. I probably could have stablized it at 4000mhz with some more voltage but I undervolted my whole system to have less power to performance, but they are amazing little sticks I recommend them I bought two sets for 32GB total :)

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Best Bang for the buck11/18/2020 8:06:08 PM

Pros: Cheap, sturdy, rgb lighting, plenty of storage space, good cable management, glass side.

Cons: Only con I have is no pictures on instructions as to which screws were supposed to be used in certain applications, but not enough to take off an egg, and one of the glass screws mounts were stripped but took my soldering iron and welded it in and no problems so not enough to take off an egg.

Overall Review: Honestly for the price your paying and what your receiving I have to give it 5 eggs all around I have zero complaints, very minor issue with screw mount being stripped on glass but I welded it in with soldering iron and no problems now. :)

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Excellent Ram for the price11/18/2020 7:38:29 AM

Pros: Cheap, Fast

Cons: None

Overall Review: Overall seeing how hard it is to buy new DDR3 ram especially at 2400Mhz this is an amazing deal. I bought 2 sets of this for 32GB of ram put on xmp and it eliminated my bottleneck. Thanks again for continuing to make and sell these.

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Defective12/9/2013 4:21:19 AM

Pros: It worked great for like 2 days in my CF setup now it artifacts on the main desktop, or just during browsing the internet.

Cons: Failed less then 2 days use, no overclocking.

Overall Review: Down side is I already sent in the rebate so I can't return it or get a replacment. So i'll have to RMA it to powercolor, I mean the fan is powerful, its possible when it reved up it caused something to get loose I dunno atm. hower it does work I get 100+ FPS on 1920x1080 but every now and again it would artifact I took out my other card still artifacted, put my oringal 7870 back in and no artifacting yet so it leans me to believe the card is shot.

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Not Bad, But Beware of HEAT6/17/2013 3:35:00 PM

Pros: Price, 3 Year Warrenty UEFI Bios and Settings, Design, Solid Caps. Great board overall, good for light overclocking, FX chips are good with this due to stability at low voltages.

Cons: HEATSINKS !!!!!!!!, No Load Line Calibration from what I can see, HEAT!!!!.... Overall everything is great got a FX8120 overclocked to 4Ghz at very low voltage however the VRMs have no heatsinks included and trying to find an aftermarket one or purchase one from MSI is a No go, they don't include or sell the VRM heatsink, only option is putting copper mosfet heatsinks on them. Also Northbridge heatsink is inadequate and is very hot to touch to the point it burns your finger, the southbridge heatsink is okay but also inadequate. I'd suggest if you buy this board upgrade the heatsinks or invest in a better board.... 2 eggs knocked off for poor heatsink management

Overall Review: Overall not bad, but I suggest putting mosfet heatsinks on the the VRM's, Updating the Northbridge and Southbridge heatsinks preferably with fans on them and with arctic silver 5 and you will be set. Don't expect high overclocks on this to be safe with out updating the heatsinks, if you leave the stock ones I'd say very low voltage overclocks is about best you will get.

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Best Board I have ever owned5/29/2013 10:46:57 PM

Pros: This board is amazing!!! I have owned it for at least five years. I paid 200 plus back in the day, worth every penny. The board has been good to me. I've added a sata III/USB 3.0 controller on the pci-e x1 slot significantly sped up my Samsung 840 pro 256GB SSD And my 7200 rpm 64MB cache black WD 1.5 TB HDD and my external drives. I updated to the 5001 bios and have a phenom II B93 2.8GHZ originally but with the H80 it's at 4.2 ghz stable. 8 GB of corsair 1066 MHZ ram pushed to 1200 MHz. Its also running a xfx 6790. 750 watt corsair psu with 65 amps on 12v rail. And the rest is not important, the point this 5 year old board is still competing with today's tech.

Cons: I would have to say only con sata 2 but I solved that read above, other then that none.

Overall Review: This is my older pc I gave to my dad, my new one has corsair vengeance 32 gb of 1866 MHz ram pushed to 2000mhz amd 8120 eight core pushed to 5ghz stable xfx 7870 2gb on a asus m5a97 and 850 watt corsair. But unlike most to toss out good old parts I push em to the max I had a 8600gt running bf3 at 30 Fps on high - ultra granted water cooled and overclocked and over volted beyond what it was designed for but still.

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Great Processor1/31/2012 1:02:47 AM

Pros: This Processor has been running great since 2006 when I first got it in my HP, now with the recent upgrade to 4GB of DDR 400 MHZ ram and my 9800gtx+ with a 500w power supply this computer can still run all the new end games and almost capped. Upgraded to windows 7 never overclocked it but if i did I would probably be able to push a lot more out of it. 10 stars for AMD. This computer and processor will probably last me a few more years in gaming and then just be a work/research/video computer :).

Cons: NONE

Overall Review: I still got this computer running good but why keep an old hp running and able to run new end games because It was my first computer, ill have this still running way past its obsolete age :), but my new computer is an eight core with 16gb ram and 6950 so don't worry staying with the new age but got to keep the old ones around, haha I even have computer still with windows 98 and 2000 but that purpose is for the different architectures and I always loved windows 98.

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Definatly Buy These11/7/2010 12:45:13 AM

Pros: Good price, quality out of them.

Cons: none

Overall Review: if your on a budget and want good speakers with good bass buy these in my opinion they are equivilant to 200 dollar speakers for $40 you cant go wrong i advise getting a soundcard for like $30 from creative or rocketfish to separate the sound but other then that i suggest you buy these.

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