Great seller Richard Electronic2/11/2018 10:00:55 AM

Pros: Second review

Cons: None yet

Overall Review: Forgot to mention I got a small package with the each adapter. 1-very small Phillips screw driver, 3- very small screws(drive mounting), 1-small standoff(drive mounting), and 1- bigger small screw (for the bracket) nice touch.

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Cool Looking Mouse - Good software - Love it !!8/20/2017 5:14:17 PM

Pros: Looks great, feels good in my hand. My palm can rest on the bottom of the mouse. I have a medium sized hand and my longest finger is 3 1/4". Great colors, has 48 different colors in the spectrum.

Cons: One part of the software has a small glitch. When you change the color for each DPI speed and click OK ( Do not click OK again, just close (x) it out on each color. If you make the mistake of clicking ok twice, the program experiences a problem and wants to close the whole program, losing what you have not saved. To me this is a miner problem since I figured it out right away.

Overall Review: Mouse size: 5.25 x 2.89 x 1.63 inches( 133 x 73.5 x 41.3 mm). Had this less than a week. Lots of settings to chose from. Works with my windows 10 AMD setup. You can change the mouse to any color all the time by changing each DPI speed to the same color. Otherwise the default setting has a different color for each DPI speed. To change the colors left click on the colored square under each DPI speed and a color box will appear, choose the color click OK and close ( x ) the box.

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Good product-No issues3/27/2017 7:15:58 PM

Pros: Everything I used on this board so far has worked flawlessly. Sound is great for me, plenty loud. Smooth install. I encountered no bugs or defects. Gigabyte boards have always been good for me,. Overall I am happy with this board. I knew what I was picking out when I bought it.

Cons: Not enough fan headers, 4-pin fan headers, or sata 6 gb headers for me. Just 1-usb 3.0 header? Usb 2.0 ports on the back IO (shield) should not even be on any boards anymore. Usb 3.0 is backwards compatible. Why doesn't this board have PCI-EX 3.0 yet ?

Overall Review: I always update to the latest bios after I get it going first. I am using a Samsung 960 evo M.2 and it needs PCI-ex 3.0 to work at full speed. This board has 2.0 so I get half the speed, still plenty fast for most people, works great, I'm happy. I also am using the FX 8370 cpu, all is good.I encountered no bugs or defects. It is very hard to find everything I need all on one board. Wish I could design my own board !! Using win 10 pro 64 bit, FX 8370 cpu. And good board for me so far.

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Did Not Work In Win 103/27/2017 7:08:50 PM

Pros: Looks cool, nice black board. Looks like it should work.

Cons: No matter what I did could not get it to work. Disabled antivirus and still nothing. Tried the disc it came with and nothing, tried calling there tech support and he was useless. Even he said, why is there no drivers on the website, weird? He also said it sounded like a driver issue but could not find me a driver to use. He said he would call me back once he found a driver for me. And he was a NO CALL _ NO SHOW.

Overall Review: I cannot and will not recommend this to anyone for any reason because there are no drivers on the website at the time I was installing this card. A Vantec model : UGT-PC345 worked great. ( Another Vantec model I bought also DID NOT work either, model : UGT-PC341 ). I have win 10 pro 64 bit, Gigabyte 990FX Gaming rev 1.1 with the latest bios, using a Samsung 500 Gb 960 evo M.2 ssd, with a FX8370 cpu. Now I have 2- paper weights.

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Manufacturer Response:
Dear Customer, We are sorry this product didn't work for you. We will be speaking to our webmaster to ensure the Drivers for this card are uploaded shortly. We are glad you found a proper alternative. We thank you for your feedback and will do what we can to improve. -Regards SYBA CST EM 20170424
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Did Not Work On Win 103/27/2017 6:46:50 PM

Pros: Looks like it should work. Looks well built

Cons: Could not get it to work no matter what I did. Gave it 2 eggs for looks. On the box it came in, system requirements says win XP, Vista, & 7 (32&64 bit). On there website they have win 10 drivers. Disabled antivirus and still nothing. Nothing worked on it at all, not even 1 port. Yes plugged in the 4-pin molex. It's like it was dead. Device manager show it was not working properly. Tried different drivers different ways. I have done this before, I know how it's done.

Overall Review: I have win 10 pro 64 bit, Gigabyte 990FX Gaming rev. 1.1 motherboard with the latest bios using a Samsung 500 Gb 960 evo M.2 ssd , with 1- Asus RX 480 in the first x16 slot. Don't seem to matter what slot I put it in, it simply won't work. But I bought another, Vantec model : UGT-PC345 and that one worked great. (I also bought another model : SY- PEX20203 which did not work either and this one had no drivers to download on there website- non what so ever, weird? I had just the disc it came with which did not work as well. Called there tech support and he was no help at all.)

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WOW, NOW THAT'S WHITE3/12/2017 6:21:55 AM

Pros: Very high quality cables sleeved right up into the connector, no glue near or in the connector. Like the black connectors goes perfect with my black and white build. They did a great job copying the originals except with some improvements. They look great. Others see them and say WOW they have white ones they look good like that.

Cons: NONE, have not had these long so we will see how long they last unplugging and plugging them in a few times over time.

Overall Review: Cables are long enough for a 24" tall x 22" deep x 9" wide case. The sata power and molex 4-pin power connectors are farther apart than the original ones which I like better. The original ones were way too close together. I personally like 1 on a string only( 2 if I use them both )at most. looks a lot neater, don't like those unsightly, unused extra connectors hanging in my windowed case. Some of the black originals are so close together you can't even use them all?? Why? DA? They should give you the option with exra cables to use one connector on a string or 2 on a string or 3 on a string. Now that's options for you ! Many times in my builds the cables never match where you want to put your cd/dvd, hot swap drives, media drive, ect.

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Nice Quality Fan3/12/2017 5:49:23 AM

Pros: It's all white, it's quiet, it's not an arm and a leg

Cons: A little loud at full speed but that's expected with a decent rpm fan.

Overall Review: As long as you can control the speed which I can in my rig it's a great fan. Should hold up for years to come.

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The Darkside is the Goodside3/10/2017 5:44:25 AM

Pros: As advertised, great quality.

Cons: NONE

Overall Review: Newegg has faster shipping now!! Packaging could be a lot better, not enough packing material, products roll around too much ( this came with other products) in the box.

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GOOD QUALITY3/10/2017 5:35:00 AM

Pros: Put together good. Glue in all the right places to keep everything tight.

Cons: NONE

Overall Review: Just as advertised

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LOOKS GREAT, WORKS GREAT3/10/2017 5:32:27 AM

Pros: Get a better picture on my computer than my cable. Just as advertised for me.

Cons: NONE

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HHHUUUSHSHSH It's vawy, vawy quiet3/10/2017 5:29:09 AM

Pros: Very quiet fan, silent. WOW And the stickers were on center too for all I bought. Blows a good amount of air for how quiet it is.

Cons: NONE

Overall Review: If you want quiet you must sacrifice some airflow. No one makes a 120mm fan that runs at 2400 rpm and blows @ 100 cfm and silent too? More fans running @ lower speeds creates more airflow with less noise.

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Missing a wire on 2 I bought4/8/2016 2:02:55 PM

Pros: Looks great, great sleeving, nice looking quality.

Cons: The quality ends when you try to hook it up!! And notice there is a pin and wire missing on one of them. Thought I was buying a 4- pin splitter on all ends, but got 4- pin on 2 of the three ends. Labeling is not written that way, deceiving. I am missing the second pin and wire or the third pin and wire depending on how you hold it, on just 1 of the male ends. The single female end has 4-pins and 4 wires.

Overall Review: when I buy a 3- pin splitter I get a 3- pin splitter on all ends. When I buy a 4-pin splitter I should get a 4-pin splitter on all ends, right?

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Nice cooler1/1/2015 9:20:24 AM

Pros: Good color blue, up or down draft, a 120 mm fan fits on this cooler with the provided clips.

Cons: It's not built high enough for medium or high profile ram. No ram higher than 42 mm , (installed on the MOBD) measured from the MOBD surface to the highest point of the memory heat spreader. One egg less for not being made high enough. There should be not excuse why this cooler is not high enough. Only high-end gamers and overclockers with high-end wide cases are going to buy these, so why not make it higher??? Using a high-end cooler with low profile ram is not a good idea !!?? Not a big deal for me since I only do light overclocking, never heavy. I will make my G.Skill sniper DDR3-1866 ram work for this cooler, even if I have to bend or clip off one end of the sights that are on the top of the heat spreader or just keep off the bottom fan. Even with the 120 mm fan on the bottom it still hits the first ram slot. Was only able to orientate this cooler one way with the cooler pipes toward the pc plug-in's and the 8-pin cpu power connector and the bottom 140 mm fan sticks over all the ram slots.

Overall Review: The holes on the 140 mm fans are in the exact same place as the holes on my cooler master 120 mm fans. So you could swap the 140's for 120's if you want and the clips work fine. I have a Gigabyte AMD MOBD GA-990FXA-UD5 rev.3.0 and G.Skill sniper DDR3-1866 ram memory. I will give another review when I test this cooler some more.

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Great Drive-Still12/26/2014 6:19:09 AM

Pros: No heat, low power, No noise, great looking in my case, 3.5" drive. Need I say more. OCZ was great to deal with on the phone to help me set up this drive. My first ssd.

Cons: None, still running great.

Overall Review: I have had this drive for about 3 years now and still getting good seq. read: 248 , seq. write: 239 on sata II controller in AHCI mode on a Gigabyte mobd.

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2 Bad Drives in a row, Glitchy12/16/2014 4:00:53 PM

Pros: I like how it feels in the hand. looks nice and pro. It does work in usb 3.0 and 2.0

Cons: This is my second review on this product. It's too thick for some ports or cases. Thinner is better? This is the second drive I received of this product and It did not work in my ports until I push the drive to the left and hold it there. Then it worked perfectly, BUT? Who wants a drive you have to hold it in place for it to work. That's crazy !! Also, this drive has eject issues. I close it myself and it still says it's open when it is not. As I have said in my other review, I have used other usb drives in the same ports with no issues at all. just issues with this usb drive. Just wanted to tell others to buy another usb drive or maybe you will be fortunate to get a good one.

Overall Review: I RMA'd the first drive for the same problem, and the second one has the same problem too??? MMM??? A bad batch it seams? It cost me $10.50 to send the first drive + $65 + another RMA and $10.50 mmm this is adding up to be one expensive drive. It will not pay for me to send this drive back, again, so I am not going to RMA this, again. I'm just going to live with holding it in or maybe I'll use some scotch tape on it until I'm done with it or get so fed up with it and just throw it away. This is the first Corsair usb stick I have bought and my last one as well !! UNLESS Corsair refunds all my money I have lost AND give me a good working usb 3.0 drive like I wanted in the first place. Is that too much too ask?? Why should the customer lose money because of there bad drives???

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Great Drive so far11/28/2014 6:15:15 PM

Pros: It's thinner than I thought it would be, which I like. Copied 6.28 GB of music in 6 min.. I like the colors of the drive. Opens files fast and I like the drive. I am completely happy with the drive I received.

Cons: None so far.

Overall Review: The drive measures 3 1/8" long, 1 1/16" wide, 5/16" thick. Mostly black which is the metal part and a light blue plastic.

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Just Ok8/25/2013 6:03:31 AM

Pros: Looks great. Looks like it would cool really good, But?

Cons: Did not cool as good as I was hoping. Only a 33c temp at idle with a AMD phenom IIx4 3.7 Ghz black edition @ stock speed. I do not like the spring mounting system. I feel it does not provide enough pressure on the CPU for proper contact.

Overall Review: I have tried several different spring type mounting coolers from other makers and they all are not as good as non spring mounting coolers. It's not the cooler, it's the way it's mounted. Not enough pressure. They never give you stiff enough springs,maybe they can't? I don't know? All I know is it just does'nt cool good enough for me. I like non spring mounting systems because you can control the pressure better yourself. The pressure of the spring is all you get. With my non spring type I have on my FX 8-core set at 4.2 Ghz O.C. the temp at idle is 26-28c

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Poor Mounting system8/18/2013 7:35:39 AM

Pros: I really like these types of heat sinks. I prefer the down draft for airflow.

Cons: I don't like the mounting system on this heat sink. I have used screw types before and they just don't have the tension they require for optimal cooling. Tension clips or plates are better. Also no heat fins on the flat part closest to the cpu. There is a screw head in the way(for mounting).

Overall Review: For air cooling all my scythe kabuto downdraft heat sinks perform better than any other I have tried. I have one on the pc that I am on now an 8-core o.c. to 4.2 and right now the temp is at 28c. It has a tension clip for the socket. I like screw in types also as long as they don't have springs. The tension on the springs are never stiff enough. I have tried several spring mounting heat sinks and have always had to go to the hardware to get harder or stiffer springs or longer(more downward tension). Tighter tension creates better contact, less space between heat sink and cpu and better cooling a result. I never worry about warping the mobd, it has never happened to me, never a problem.

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Great Stuff4/6/2013 7:08:13 AM

Pros: Works great on tightly fit heat sinks like CPU's. Works better with tight pressure. I started off using this product and tried other types, but have always come back to Arctisilver5 for CPU's. I have always gotten my lowest temps with this product on air cooling. This is a great product.

Cons: None. Anyone who complains about how hard this is to get off is not doing it right. I have found it easy to remove with ArctiClean 1 and ArctiClean 2 you can buy, very easy.

Overall Review: People should always read all the specs on a product before buying like application spec sheets and viscosity. You must know the product as best as possible first before you buy. It is not fair to give a bad review on a product because your in a hurry or don't want to take the time to read. Tip: I like spreading this with a new credit card or something of the same. Spreads real thin and even with the card. If the card is scratched or jagged it will leave lines, so make sure it's a good card. I get my best temps this way. Right now I'm running an AMD FX 8350 at 4.2GHz and the average temp is 21c on air.

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The Best AMD Has So Far4/6/2013 4:37:13 AM

Pros: Installed easy, the scythe air cooler I had, fit great. Works like a charm. I like the way the CPU kicks down the power when not needed and runs cooler because of it. Right now as I am typing the CPU temp is 21c,cool ha. I have it clocked at 4.2 GHz, I never change it.The price is right for this CPU.

Cons: None I am not an AMD fan boy. But Intel is just too expensive for what you get. I have never built an Intel pc, just AMD's. I believe Intel is better but not at there prices. I also think Intel is a good CPU, but I believe if AMD was not around Intel CPU's would skyrocket.

Overall Review: I have always had quad core CPU's and this is my first eight core and this eight core is by far better. It does everything easier, faster, cooler. I really am happy on this purchase. I have always considered building an Intel, but just could not bring myself to pay the extra money for the little real world performance you would actually see.

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Works in WIN8 64-BIT12/29/2012 9:36:14 AM

Pros: Bought it to solve my no USB 3.0 header on my MOBD, and it solved it, now USB 3.0 on my case are useful as they should be.

Cons: In WIN8 64-bit; The website was not useful at all, would not let me download the latest drivers. The disk was not useful at all, it also would not let me load the drivers. In the include info. it indicates win8 is not supported.

Overall Review: How I did this was; I installed the device first, than I started the PC, than looked in device manager and it said under' Universal Serial Bus Controllers' Renesas USB 3.0 eXtensible Host Controller-0096(Microsoft). And also, VIA USB 3.0 eXtensible Host Controller-0096(microsoft). Both of them had a yellow exclamation mark. So I restarted the pc and the yellow exclamation marks were gone in device manager. In the included directions from the box, it said if the exclamation marks are not there, that indicates proper driver installation. It works, but I did not try with a 3.0 device because I do not have one at the moment. But I used a 8 GB USB 2.0 thumb drive and loaded 1,856 songs in 8 minutes.

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Excellent MOBD12/6/2012 6:47:05 PM

Pros: Lots and lots of options,great quality and absolutely no problems

Cons: None

Overall Review: This mobd replaced a asus crosshair IV extreme mobd that was bad. This mobd took off the moment I booted her up and going strong since. I'm lovin it !!!

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Not For 8-pin pci-ex Connectors7/18/2012 7:36:26 PM

Pros: Looks good,LCD lights up nice, really light.Saved me some headaches and money. Over all a good product.

Cons: I do not believe this tester tests the 8-pin pci-ex connectors properly,it shows LL on every power supply I tested. I tested 4 brand new PSU's and it showed all of them LL. This is impossible. Do not trust this tester on 8-pin pci-ex connectors !!! It tested everything else just fine, even the 8-pin CPU connector tested fine. I called rexus and sent them some pictures,they are looking into this issue.

Overall Review: When testing a PSU (older)that does not have a six pin pci-ex connector, use two 4-pin molex connectors to a 6-pin pci-ex adaptor, it tests good. Not all psu 8-pin pci-ex connectors will fit in the 8-pin tester holes the right way? Some do, some don't. My Corsair 1200 watt psu did not?

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Great CPU !!!1/13/2012 2:10:20 PM

Pros: Fast,runs great and I don't have to pay an arm and a leg for the cpu !!!!

Cons: NONE

Overall Review: Great CPU at a GREAT value. I only use AMD cpu and graphics for all my builds. I want to build a intell build once just to say I did it. But I just can't bring myself to pay all the extra cost that comes with intell, WHY??? When AMD has great products? I think if AMD is not around you would see intell hike there prices way way up? Thanks AMD Keep it up !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Good CPU12/2/2011 10:17:50 PM

Pros: Looks the same as the Phenom II chips on the outside. Looks like the same size also. WEI rates this at 7.2 in win7. My Phenom II 965 WEI rating is 7.4. Great speed,snappy and games play great. Great price.

Cons: I thought Win7 WEI would of been higher than 7.4, wrong....

Overall Review: Overall great CPU for the price,Can't beat it. Lookout Intell. I am very happy with this product. Go AMD

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