It's a cable; it worked9/28/2020 11:12:42 AM

Pros: It works

Cons: none

Overall Review: I bought to to adapt a USB to serial dongle with a DB-9 serial output to an instrument that required a DB-25 serial interface. It worked. The one I ordered somehow shipped to a random incorrect address. I wrote one e-mail to the vendor documenting the problem, and they promptly shipped another to the correct address. Problem solved. So kudos to them for handling that as well as anyone could ask.

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Pretty good USB to Serial9/27/2020 11:28:47 AM

Pros: Works pretty well. Delivered promptly.

Cons: Occasionally, something stops the return data flow from the serial device.

Overall Review: I have bought three of these because they seem to work pretty well. I have never seen the link go bad under conditions of normal use. However, occasionally, some kind of USB error (possibly related to disconnecting a _different_ USB port on the same computer system) causes the data coming back from the receive side of the link to stop getting through. I have been able restore the data flow without having to reboot the entire Windows 10 system by opening the "Advanced" tab in the com port properties dialog and changing the receive buffer size to some (any) other value, exit and save that setting, and then go back again and set it back to the original value. Each of those changes seems to reset the device in the "manage computer" com port window. Starting the application using that USB port then works fine again.

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Headset Mic/Headphone Splitter - good8/18/2020 11:03:19 AM

Overall Review: This seems to be well built, and it works just fine. On our computer, there is a dialog that pops up each time you plug anything into one of the audio I/O jacks. We were a bit confused at first because we plugged both jacks in at the same time and then saw only one dialog asking what type of audio device we had plugged in. We were expecting to see the headset dialog, but were given choices of line in etc... and we were confused. Once we realized there were two separate dialogs on top of each other (one for input and one for output), there was no problem. None of that has anything to do with the splitter itself. Just be aware. The splitter seems good. The cable wire seems to be quality wire and it is strain relieved properly. The jack tip-ring plugs are flashed with gold as shown. So they should not have corrosion issues that might lead to noise or intermittent connections. The jack shells are metal which completes the shielding until the cable takes over. I take that as a sign of quality. If I needed another, I'd look for this again.

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Arrived in good shape, works well.6/14/2019 4:58:06 PM

Pros: quick shipping, accurate description, clean product.

Cons: none that I have encountered

Overall Review: This laptop shipped quickly, and was exactly as described. It is in excellent condition. Windows-10 activated without problems. All the laptop functions as far as I have tested so far work as expected. I am very satisfied with this purchase. (I've had this for about a week now, and see nothing that would hint that a failure is imminent.)

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