Almost perfect1/7/2021 10:28:21 AM

Pros: Build quality is off the chain Modularity to meet any situation Can fit any setup Designed with an intense focus on custom water loops Looks really clean Tons of accessories

Cons: I saw a review from someone else mentioning this... I shrugged it off but they were spot on. Whoever manufactuered this case for Fractal over-torqued all of the screws on this case. If you use a power drill on a really low torque setting and slowly increase it one step at a time you can get them out without stripping them. A lot of people won't know to do that. The drive cages were the worst. Over tightened so much that the metal was from the drive cages became one with the case and I had to pry them apart. Insane that such a well designed and crafter case would have such a stupid oversight that has the potential to ruin it completely.

Overall Review: I would recommend this to advances builders only due to the over torqued screws. If Fractal works with their manufacturing company to fix the over torqued screws this case would be prefect. Also, if you aren't trying to load this thing up with the max amount of radiators and a distro block it will look empty

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