WOW11/11/2013 9:20:02 PM

Pros: Best case I have ever purchased. Hands down. If you want an insane amount of storage in a clean, modular environment, then this case is for you. I am doing an extreme watercooling loop and this is going to be perfect. Super high quality.

Cons: It can't have my baby.

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Ownership: 1 day to 1 week
9/27/2013 7:53:13 PM

Pros: Best stand I've owned.

Cons: Only very small thing is that the securing plate that goes under the desk is a touch too small. I have a large grommet hole for cords on my desk and I had only about 1/8 inch of meat on each side of the hole making contact with the desk. I went to the hardware store and got the metal wood joints to add before the supplied plate to allow for a more stable mount on my particular application. Still the best stand out there.

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Worked great for 4 months5/28/2012 7:13:00 PM

Pros: Sound quality is phenomenal. Range was a tested 50 feet before they lost connection to my phone. I tested 7 hours of battery life while watching movies on Netflix.

Cons: No longer charges. I am very careful with my electronics. For the last month, I had to wiggle the connector and place something on them to just get it to recognize the charger at an angle. The other day, they will not recognize a charge. I tried another charger my friend has (he has the s9-hd's as well) and they still did not recognize. They are now junk.

Overall Review: Don't get me wrong, while they worked, the sound quality is amazing. I have a set of high quality earbud headphones and these make them sound silly. If you are ordering these, try to get an extended warranty of some sort. Mine was only a 30 day warranty. If you can get a year or two warranty these would be perfect.

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Amazing quality3/24/2012 8:43:22 PM

Pros: These speakers are amazing quality. I got mine a few days ago. I've tested them to the fullest. I have a great soundcard in my PC. With this combo, I can blast them all the way with zero distortion. I'm actually going to use these for my small wedding at my cottage. They are super loud and the base is very strong and solid. A great deal at $205 on sale. Controller software is great as well. Lots of options!

Cons: No option for adding on speakers. I wish they had more ports to add additional Corsair speakers that you could maybe purchase separately.

Overall Review: If you are on the fence with these just buy them. If you are looking for the best 2.1 speakers, you've found them.

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Decent1/13/2012 9:45:49 PM

Pros: I've had these speakers since August of 2011. They sounded great for that time, until yesterday.

Cons: Yesterday, I go to turn them on, I hit the power button toggle on the back (I don't leave them on overnight) and I hear a loud POP. They have stopped working completely. I opened the back and find the main power line from the plug has a burn in it. I cut it and soldered it but no luck. It looks like it did catastrophic damage. I also have a very nice UPS battery backup power block that was really expensive, so I don't believe it was an electrical issue or power surge on my end. But who knows!

Overall Review: I'd get them still even after this experience. They were cheap so I don't feel I've lost out. I now have more money so I'm thinking about just going Bose.

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Great value12/27/2011 5:11:36 AM

Pros: Great 120hz tv for the price! I bought this TV from Micro Center here in the Detroit area last year for my wife's birthday. It is an amazing value. I had a Sony Bravia previously but it actually got stolen and I replaced it with this one. It did a great job replacing it. In my opinion, Bravia's are one of the best out there but price/quality actually seems higher with this TV. The sound I would rate at an 8/10. Was going to buy an HD soundbar for this but it really wasn't necessary. I got this TV then for $470 and am considering buying a new one at this price for the basement. Bluray looks incredible!!! Just as good as my old Bravia. The 120hz really makes movement look life-like smooth. Plenty of connections offered. I have a bluray, wii and cable box hooked up to it with plenty of ports still left. You won't be upset with this purchase unless you are a purist. I am very hard to please with TVs and like I said before, you cannot beat this TV for the price.

Cons: None really for the price!

Overall Review: You won't be disappointed with this purchase.

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Amazing12/12/2011 7:46:23 AM

Pros: One of the best PSU's I've ever used. I have 2 gtx 480s in SLI with a custom dual loop, 2 pump watercooling system with a waterblock in every main component. CPU overclocked to 4.1ghz. GPUs oc'd as well. Handles it all with power to spare. Very stable.

Cons: None at this time.

Overall Review: Lighting is great! I have a blue theme in my PC with my watercooling and it matches perfectly. Also does white. Love that it also toggles all lights off inside PSU for bedtime. Get this PSU, especially if it is onsale. You wont be disappointed! Ive used all other major brands as well and this keeps up great with them.

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Awesome10/28/2011 1:25:24 PM

Pros: This pump is very quiet even on the highest setting. Very powerful as well. I am cooling 2 GTX 480 video cards along with an x6 processor hooked up to a 360 radiator.

Cons: Only negative is that the inlet and outlet aren't threaded to allow compression fittings to screw into them. This can be remedied by buying an after market "Pump top".

Overall Review: Buy with confidence. I've owned 3 pumps in the past and this one blows them out of the water (no pun intended. Ok yes pun intented) in every aspect. A+

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Best pump for the price3/21/2011 7:20:52 AM

Pros: I have used MCP655 (D5) pumps for awhile on my cooling system. This is the cheapest place this pump is sold. Normally computer stores sell this pump from $105-115 and the non speed variable one for $80. You are getting the good speed variant one for the price of the standard non speed variable. This pump is very strongand very quiet. I accidently ran it on air without knowing for 2 hours and it still didn't fry! It uses the water passing though to also cool it. I got plug-in happy when mounting my pump and doing some cable management. You know its a quality pump when it still runs perfect after me abusing it. Just get this pump if you aren't sure. Pumps half as good as this cost the same amount.

Cons: Zero cons.

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Great card1/10/2011 8:47:04 AM

Pros: Fantastic card for the price. Highly overclockable with stock cooling system. I am running 2 of these cards in SLI. Make sure you use the MSI Afterburner software with the card. Has a great user interface that allows you to overclock and monitor temps. No use in getting any other 480. Best one for the price.

Cons: None

Overall Review: Thanks Newegg and MSI!

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