Very good DD4.6/10/2020 3:54:47 AM

Pros: Reliable. I've owned G.Skill since around 2007. I've had DDR2, 3, and now 4 kits. This time around I got a bit more serious into OC'ing, so I went with this RAM. I'm am not disappointed! Fast. I've got mine clocked to 3866. That seems to be the sweet spot for me. Everything is just snappy.

Cons: Umm...It won't cook for me? But then again, it probably would with the right voltage. Never have I had an issue with G.Skill. Honestly, don't think I will.

Overall Review: Overall, G.Skill is the best in my book. I haven't bought anything else since 2007.

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Very solid all around board.6/8/2020 11:01:19 PM

Pros: Solid. I have a 10700K with a stable 5.2 OC. My ram (3600) to 3800MHz. Not to ramble, but I've pretty much owned nothing but ASUS for the last 25ish years. I'm coming from a 4790K OC'ed to 4.7 (5 years old). After doing as much research as I could, I chose the Aorus Ultra this time around. 1st off, This was the most trying build yet. I spent 3 days tweaking, learning, and re installing windows due to some strange hang during Cinebench 20. I was kind of blaming the board and pretty unhappy. I finally figured out that my issue was because of an Intel driver. At this point, I have no complaints, everything is working great. I found this to be the prettiest Z490 board out of the many.

Cons: I was excited to try the on board audio, coming from a 5 year old board. It's not bad sound, it's very clear, and much improved over the years. To be honest though, I will stick with my SB Audigy FX. No comparison. The software was kind of glitched, I sometimes didn't even know if it was done installing. But, when it was all finished, it kind of started working good and stable. Not really impressed with any of it, but it works. And finally, the last reason this board loses a star. This is more of a total opinion btw. I think ASUS has the better, more user friendly bios. I'm not saying Gigabytes bios is bad. To be honest, it doesn't hold your hand. It's very technical. I had to educate myself properly to use it properly.

Overall Review: Overall, fantastic board. I felt like I made a solid choice by going with this board. I also have to take into account that this board is very new and needs a few good bios updates to get it fully rockin' and rollin'. If they continue to improve this board, it will for sure shine!

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Awesome CPU.6/4/2020 11:17:35 AM

Pros: First off, I'm upgrading from a I7-4790K (4.7GHz OCed). The 4790K I have is 5 years old. That CPU is a true beast, but I felt like it was time to get a new MB/CPU/RAM due to age. So, that said, I see a huge difference in desktop work and games. I mainly game. I don't understand why everyone says these CPU's run hot. I'm running stable at 5.2 on an AIO and this CPU doesn't even break 40c-70c in some benchmarks or games. It runs way cooler than my 88w 4790K. I am using an Aorus Ultra MB. If you are coming from a way older generation Intel or AMD, this CPU will not disappoint!

Cons: Cons. I didn't want to wait for however long for the KF series, so I paid the extra for the K. That has nothing to due with how this CPU performs. So, not really a con. (I tried to find one)

Overall Review: Overall, this is a fantastic CPU. I've owned both AMD and Intel through out my 42 years. If you are coming from a much older Intel gen CPU, I recommend it fully. If you have 9th gen I7-I9, I wouldn't recommend.

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Excellent Headset For The Price.6/3/2020 12:01:12 AM

Pros: Did quite a bit of research before choosing this headset. I'm mainly a gamer, but I listen to some music here and there. I'm going to try and describle this headset from a few of my views. This headset has some very clear and crisp sounds. I'm pretty much legally deaf from life and the Army and I can hear things in games I couldnt hear with previous headsets. If you are big into first person shooters, this headset will shine. It's good in many categories for the most part. It's not beefy on bass. It has bass but not like Hyper X bass. So, if you want beefy bass for music or in general, I wouldnt reccomend this headset tbh. In everything else, I reccomend it %100.

Cons: Another big thing for me is the construction and quality of the headset. I've broke so many headsets, I need a well built headset. So far, ive had no issues with it. Very good quality. It feels strong but very, very comfortable on the ears. Most comfortable headset I've used yet. Im on my PC for hours everyday. So, it you're into clean and crisp sound with moderate bass. This headset is an excellent choice. I would buy again. (Hopefully don't have to for a minute.)

Overall Review: Yes.

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