Worth every penny.10/18/2020 7:49:03 AM

Overall Review: 4K 60 fps max settings ray traced on my 4K 70 inch nano 90 tv from my couch rocking the new Razer turret? Yea that’s a reality now. I couldn’t be happier with my card. It averages 2100hz under gaming load and I have had 0 crashes or issues. Be sure to update your cards to the latest drivers and download the CORRECT Firestorm version. Zotac has a specific version for each card currently.

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A++++++6/15/2013 11:19:18 AM

Pros: I decided to get this card as a temp. adjustment to my gaming rig while I saved up for the devil 4 gig ddr5 card but I can say I am shocked at the performance this card gives. I am a hardcore gamer and this handles planetside 2 on ultra with no lag at between 50 and 60 fps, bf3 60 fps constant also on ultra. I love the software that is offered with this card and NVIDIA. I don't use any of the over locking software with it either as there is no need. I am now for sure a fan of msi and NVIDIA.

Cons: Nothing, 4 gigs ddr3 memory for 100 bucks, also all the articles flaming this card for low benchmark results obviously had something else going on to cause this. This card is amazing.....

Overall Review: My rig is an msi gaming Mb (forgot exact model and don't want to open my case right now) amd black phenom x6, 16 gigs ddr3 ripjaw ram, 2 tb had, windows 7 ultimate 64 bit 550 watt pwr supply.

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