A Pretty Good Deal, if a Bit Cluncky2/16/2019 2:51:17 PM

Pros: - Extremely cheap for how well it performs. - Comparable with many different sockets, not to difficult to install. - Comes with thermal paste if you don't have any on hand. - Blue LEDs if that is your thing.

Cons: - The plastic ring you have to mount if you are on Intel can get in the way if your mobo has anything mounted around the socket. Its able to mount at 90 degree angles and I had to do so because things were blocking me from mounting it normally. Still worked fine however in this confiig however. Taking the ring off if you do need to remove it is going to be a pain. - The cooling fins are extremely sharp.

Overall Review: I have a 9600k, but I don't plan on overclocking any time soon. This keeps it at around 32 degrees idle and at max 60 while gaming. It does have a clunky mounting solution for Intel, but it works fine for me.

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