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Great4/13/2021 10:27:34 PM

Overall Review: Great

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Typical Lian Li Flagship Case9/18/2020 12:24:47 AM

Pros: Excellent craftsmanship! Tremendous configuration versatility. Very good finish quality on the anodizing.

Cons: There was a minor ding on the front panel. I did not RMA because I purchased the last case at NewEgg. I didn't buy it for the RGB on the front panel but mine did not work and the guide to operate the remote is ridiculous. I left over a dozen messages at Lian Li indicating the issue with the ding and lighting failure. I indicated that I would even be willing to purchase a new front panel and not one response in 8 months. NewEgg couldn't help as the contact email is the same as what I have.

Overall Review: I would have recommended the case but it is EOL. I own 2 V2000 cases and still use them. Despite the issue with front RGB this is the most enjoyable build I have ever undertaken. On the issue with the front panel damage and RGB issue and lack of customer support I am extremely disappointed. Not a response in 8 months after a dozen emails to their contact address. If being sold in an international market documentation should be clear in the syntax of all languages where the product is sold. Where is the customer support? Warranty assistance??

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EggCellent Samsung B-Die RAM!!5/23/2020 6:02:07 PM

Pros: -easy XMP on ASUS X570 CH8 Formula -further tightening of primary timings to 14-15-14-30 (Rzyen DRAM Calc) at 1.41 volts. Latency 64.2. -RAM overclock without keeping the infinity fabric at 1:1 topped out on my board at 4533. -subdued RGB which is nice if a classy RGB look is what you like. Very happy with the purchase. The Samsung IC's have a higher binning than the GSkill NEO 3600 at CL 14 kits (I have owned 2), so far anyway.

Cons: Price, but it's understood at this grade of IC. GSkill kits at the same level are considerably more expensive.

Overall Review: I would definitely recommend this RAM at least for an x570 chipset motherboard.

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Great RAM! Typical B-Die OC'ing with great timings.2/12/2020 11:00:51 PM

Pros: 3800/1900 IF:16-16-16-16-3-48-294(Trfc)-tCKE(1)-1T nets AIDA score of 59197-57306-62501 (R-W-C), latency 64.6 at 1.39v, CH8Formula, 3900X, 2080Ti. Best timings yet, but going to keep fiddling. Better than I got with the 3800 2x8 Neo Kit CL14 at XMP. I've run several kits of GSkill and Patriot, with all clocking very well. I liked the color of this kit and the RGB. I'm a minimalist so these with 3 Bora case fans is plenty for me. Save some cash and buy another kit if RGB isn't for you.

Cons: No cons other than price.

Overall Review: If you like the style and the RGB and have a few extra dollars, for 32GB this is a very good kit. Even the less expensive 2x8 kits times 2 for 32GB will be really close to what I paid for these at a short lived price lull several weeks back.

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Great GSkill RAM per usual! Samsung B-Die!12/4/2019 5:51:52 PM

Pros: I have been using GSkill for years since Pi days. This IS Samsung B-Die. I'm not really sure what a previous reviewer is talking about regarding the die. You don't get timings like these with anything else. I plugged it in my X470 Gaming 7, applied XMP with the 41C BIOS, and booted right up. Passes all Memtest64 and others. I further tightened timings to 14-14-14-28, per DRAM calculator and those were just as stable with a bit better bandwidth and latency (60013-58438-61167, Read-Write-Copy), latency 67.3. Great plug and play experience if that's what you want.

Cons: No CON's to speak of.

Overall Review: I definitely recommend GSkill RAM to any who want a good experience.

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