Failed in MSI GT7212/10/2015 9:11:19 AM

Pros: - Looks nice. - Price was good. - Was available at the time when I bought my MSI laptop. Not many manufactures where making DDR4 260-pin memory.

Cons: - Once installed my MSI GT72 6QD-019 Skylake would not boot.

Overall Review: To be fair it may be something with MSI. I bought memory from a different manufacturer and it would not post when it was installed as well. I was beginning to think I had a defective laptop. I gave G.Skill's recently released DDR4 laptop memory a shot and it worked.

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Manufacturer Response:
Mike M, We apologize for your experience with our memory, we have created a case, SR305739, please contact us at, Kingston Techincal Support line: (800) 435-0640 (714) 435-2639 Monday - Friday 6 a.m. - 6 p.m. PST, and we can further assist. Thank you for using Kingston Technology as your upgrade partner. ~Darren/Kingston Technical Support
Works just fine in MSI GT72-019 Skylake12/7/2015 11:02:35 AM

Pros: It works! I went through several other brands and all of them caused no boot when installed in my MSI GT72-019. I was beginning to think it was the laptop but G.Skill came to the rescue and released their DDR4 memory. It does take longer than I would like on boot for the BIOS to run through it's thing and begin the OS load. I believe this is something in the MSI BIOS (either a setting I am missing or a bug) and not related to the memory though.

Cons: None. It worked, runs as expected and the price is appropriate.

Overall Review: I have run G.Skill in many of my previous laptops and many other company laptops, my personal desktops and family/friends laptops and desktops. I have never had a single failure. I'll continue to buy G.Skill. I would have bought them before the other brands but at the time they had yet to release DDR4 260-Pin memory. Glad they came along when they did otherwise I may have RMA-ed my laptop for no reason.

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