Awesome Server Motherboard!!!7/23/2015 12:13:21 PM

Pros: - TONS of headers for server type chassis/enclosures - Remote IP management port - Capable of 128 GB RAM - Super Fast Xeon D - Came with CPU fan. Kinda can get loud for a home server user when under 100% max load - but should be ok for normal server room use. Not hardly noticable when it is running under average load. I can barely hear it then.

Cons: - No USB 3.0 header. This is a server so it wasn't 100% expected but it would have been nice. Here are 2x USB 3.0 ports on the back. Not gonna knock off any eggs due to this minor issue.

Overall Review: BIOS & Firmware are great and easy to use. LOVE the IP remote port to manage a headless server. I loaded mine up with 128 GB of RAM. Super fast running Windows Server 2012-R2 and Hyper-V.

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Good but could be better7/19/2015 3:03:08 PM

Pros: - Nice that the top fan structure is isolated from the main heatsink by rubber mounts. This dramatically reduces vibration / noise. - 4-pin CPU connector. - Thermal paste is pre-appliedonto the heatsink - Does feel flemsy but it works just fine. - The fan blows DOWN on the CPU heatsink so the downdraft actually keeps the nearby Northbridge and Southbridge heatsinks cooler.

Cons: - Lots of overhang on the heatsink. Not much rom if you have a crowded motherboard with capacitors or RAM nearby. - I already had another CPU heatsink/fan mounting system in place so I just used what I had. I did not use the supplied components. They really looked weak in my opinion. You need something that will really press the heatsink up against the CPU to get the best thermal transfer.

Overall Review: I installed this on an Asus P9D-MH motherboard running a Xeon E3-1285L V3 running at 3.1 Ghz. I ran a benchmark test at 100% CPU speeds and the CPU only got up to 76 C and the motherboard was at 53 C. Well under any critical or alarm limits. At idle the CPU stays at 37 C and the motherboard at 44 C. Not too bad.

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Fast but Thick10/26/2014 7:13:04 PM

Pros: Super fast and 512GB makes this a perfect m.2 SSD

Cons: Too thick for mt HP EliteBook Folio 1040 G1 laptop. It wouldn't lay flat inside without bending the connection board so I ended up using the OEM m.2 SSD that came with it. I would have liked the extra storage space.

Overall Review: My fault for not checking thickness but I didn't think that would have been a problem. Lesson learned.

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Compatible RAM9/26/2014 11:07:50 AM

Pros: 100% compatible and works without problems.

Cons: None

Overall Review: Using two (2) of these modules in my Zotac Zbox ID88 machine for a total of 16GB. This brand and part number was on Zotac's compatible memory list. I wish there was a faster speed available in 8GB modules for my machine.

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Good Cables6/29/2014 8:02:12 AM

Pros: - Sturdy cables; not thin and weak. This will allow them to hold up to some use. - Cheap.

Cons: None

Overall Review: Good price for a good quality cable.

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Good cables, easy solution5/15/2014 8:14:54 AM

Pros: Cheap and easy solution to enable dual monitor support on a PC with on-board VGA and on-board DisplayPort (DP). No need to purchase an additional video card.

Cons: None.

Overall Review: I had monitors flicker randomly on several machines. I swapped cables to known good machines and I didn't have the problem so I knew it wasn't the cables. I ended up updating the BIOS and the problem went away.

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Best RAM4/27/2014 8:30:14 PM

Pros: Crucial name guarantees that the memory will have a lifetime warranty and that it is 100% compatible. Low price for the RAM

Cons: None

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Very Quiet!4/9/2014 6:38:12 AM

Pros: Indeed super quiet while offering good CFM air flow. Price was very good for a high quality product.

Cons: No air flow or fan spin direction indicators on the housing. These are usually molded in and let you know if you are installing the fan in the correct direction. No biggie, just plug the fan in, feel the air, turn over if going the wrong direction.

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HUGE Tower Case4/9/2014 6:35:21 AM

Pros: - Nice clean look on the outside - Lots of room on the inside - Plenty of fans for airflow and definately plenty of room for any size water cooler. - Nice auto-disconnect or 2 fans on the side panel.

Cons: - Price is high at $320.

Overall Review: - Would be nice to have it painted black on the inside. - Would be nice to have a window on the side panel. Nothing that couldn't get modded later. - Wish it had more internal 3.5" or 2.5" drive trays or an optional drive stack on the bottom where the 2 x 2.5" drive trays are located. - I had to mod the top 2 5.25" drive tray "tabs" so I could install an Icy Dock 5x3.5" drive tray. I knew this going in before I bought it. They didn't do this for the bottom so why do it for the top? No biggie. 5 mins is all it took. I know these things would add to the already high price.

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Good drive tray but not the best3/19/2014 7:56:22 AM

Pros: Good drive tray that is identical to the Rosewill RX-C525 in look and design. It works and doesn't have a problem with the transfer rates. No logo on the front like the Rosewill model.

Cons: My only con is that compared to the Rosewill RX-C525, this tray feels a little stiffer. The tension bar (for smaller drives) is definitely more stiff and presses harder on top of the 3.5" drives. However, it didn't scrape or gouge the drive or any labels. In comparison, The Rosewill's tension bar is almost too lightweight.

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Excellent Hot-swap Drive Tray!3/19/2014 7:48:15 AM

Pros: This is a very good drive tray. - The tension bar is light weight and doesn't seem too harsh that it would scratch the drives. - Easy to slide the drive in and out. Smooth connection to the back-plane. - No degraded transfer speeds. - Even though the look and design is identical to the KINGWIN KF-1000-BK, this one feels and functions much better.

Cons: I'd rather have an all-black drive tray. This has a "SATA" logo on it. Not too bad tho. I bet I could remove it pretty easy. I'm not going to knock an egg off for this since they do show it in the product photo.

Overall Review: For those who would like to have the key turn off the drive b/c you don't like to remove it while it is still on, that's what a hot-swap drive is designed to do. Once power is lost, the read/write heads are moved to a safe zone. Just because you feel the drive still spinning doesn't harm it. Just pull the handle to disconnect, wait about a second or two, then totally remove the drive. It's not a hard process.

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Great Gaming Case9/24/2013 1:14:52 PM

Pros: - Excellent case for air cooling or water cooling. - Roomy for a mid-tower case (but see my Cons). - USB 3.0! - HUGE 200mm TriCool exhaust fan on the top! - BLue LED's are nice. Bright though. - Fans are quiet in the low setting. - Fans will push mega air in the high setting, but noise will increase. - Love the window.

Cons: - GeForce GTX 770 and 650 video cards will hit any 3.5" hard drive installed in the drive trays. I had to relocate to get around this problem. Maybe the next version of this case will grow to accomodate these longer video cards. - All fans have a L-M-H selector switch for their initial speed controls. Motherboard seems to boost these speeds when needed but it would be nice to have it 100% controllable. - Cable management could be better. Only 2 holes right near each other to accomodate any cables... but no other exit holes. So..... you go in 1 hole and right out the other. Hmmmm..... what's the point?!? :( I think if this had a motherboard tray with space underneath then it would be a better design.

Overall Review: Perfect for the build I was doing but I could see how it would be a failure if I had more drives or a different motherboard with more connections. I think I got lucky to have almost all my cables routed out of sight (but not behind).

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Awesome Enclosure!7/15/2013 9:10:24 PM

Pros: - 8 drive bays! - USB 3.0 - no cable clutter (only 1 power cable and 1 USB cable) - hot swap

Cons: - Enclosure fan is a little loud. I'm sure it could be replaced if I wanted silent operation. Doesn't bother me tho.

Overall Review: I've not had any problems like other people mention. All 8 of my drives (mized) stay connected. Fast USB 3.0 transfer speeds.

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Quiet!6/28/2013 6:10:56 AM

Pros: - Extremely quiet - Low RPM - Solid / quality feel to the construction - Flow and rotation indicators on housing - Long power leads!!!

Cons: None at this time.

Overall Review: I purchased 6 of these 120mm fans for my Lian Li PC-D8000 monstrous case. They may not push a huge volume of air at high RPM's but that's not what I wanted them to do. They are super quiet; that's the key. Having 6 fans in combination blowing air over 20 hard drives, these things do their job perfectly. Exactly what they are intended to do. All 20 hard drives stay below 36ºC under high activity.

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Perfect keyboard for HTPC1/18/2013 8:50:54 AM

Pros: This seems to be the perfect sized keyboard to use with my HTPC. Single USB dongle with tons of range. Built-in mouse pad is extremely nice. Small enough I can slide it under the couch when not needed. I don't use a keyboard of mouse much with my HTPC but it is always ready and turns on instantly when I do need it.

Cons: None. Maybe a plain black mouse pad instead of one with a "design"?!? Doesn't affect function and I don't see it when it is under my couch. :)

Overall Review: If this works out like the other Logitech wireless keyboards / mice I have used, the batteries will last forever and so will the products. I'm glad I made this purchase.

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Perfect HTPC!1/18/2013 8:32:21 AM

Pros: This is the PERFECT HTPC if you want to stream movies to your TV. Small but VERY powerful. - Small form factor; 5"x5" - Dual core AMD - TONS of USB 2.0/3.0 ports - HDMI and Display Port - Gig NIC + WiFi - Easy to open - You can turn off the green circle (glad it is optional) - QUIET - Includes the remote control - Includes a VESA mount - eSATA port

Cons: - I wish the optical audio port wasn't in the front. I don't use it but if I did, it would look ugly. - eSATA port isn't a multiplier so it only supports 1 eSATA device.... sad.

Overall Review: I bought this bare-bones system + the cheapest SSD drive + 8GB stick of ram. Loaded it with OpenELEC-XBMC and it boots from a cold start in 18 seconds! Streams 1080p Blu-ray movies (MKV) perfectly!

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Cheap but cheap1/14/2013 9:53:42 PM

Pros: - USB 2.0 external connection - SATA or PATA internal connection - Metal / Aluminum enclosure - Thumb screws (12 of them!)

Cons: - Flimsy construction

Overall Review: I read the reviews before buying this so I knew what I was getting myself into. I needed 2 "cheap" enclosures. Boy did I get what I paid for! It is indeed quick and easy to get a drive in or out of the enclosure. I do like the PATA or SATA connection choice. Even though the enclosure top/bottom are metal / aluminum, it feels flimsy. The long sides will bend inward if you grab it from the sides. It is just plain wierd. It works for me and I don't plan on constantly removing drives or moving the enclosure. I think I will put some rubber feet on it tho.

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2 out of 2 drives DOA1/14/2013 9:48:30 PM

Pros: I already own 4 of these WD30EFRX drives and have them in an external enclosure. They work greate and have large 3.0 TB capacity.

Cons: 2 out of the 2 drives I purchased were DOA. 1 drive had physical damage to the top of the drive even though there was no damage found on the OEM box nor on the ESD bag. This had to have happened at the factory.

Overall Review: Since doesn't accept returns on these drives, I have to go through the grueling process doing an WDC warranty return. :(

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Manufacturer Response:
We appreciate your feedback and apologize for any inconvenience you may have experienced with your Western Digital 3 TB Red Drives, as this is not the typical or intended experience with the product. It is unfortunate that you have experienced multiple drive failures with your Red Drives, as our drives are all rigorously tested to ensure they are in good working condition before leaving our warehouse. There are many variables that affect the drives integrity between leaving our warehouses prior to being installed in a computer or NAS enclosure, which is no fault of the end user. We recommend installing and running our Data Lifeguard Diagnostics for Windows (WinDLG) utility for Windows users, or running Disk Utility for Mac users with the drive connected to a computer directly via SATA. Information regarding our WinDLG utility and Disk utility can be found at the following links. Regardless of the reason for your drives defect, we stand by our product, and would like to replace your drive for you directly, no questions asked, and investigate to determine the root cause of the failure. We would appreciate the opportunity to further assist you, and resolve any further concerns you may have with the device and/or your experience directly. You may contact us at 1 (855) 559-3733, or via our support website at: Please indicate within the online case creation or with the first support agent you speak with, that you are responding to a Newegg review, so we route you and your information to the correct team members.
Fast and Cheap!1/11/2013 11:43:47 AM

Pros: Fast, silent, cool drive at a great price. Better (quieter and cooler), than a regular hard drive.

Cons: None!

Overall Review: This isn't the fastest SSD drive out there but it was a good economy drive that fit my need perfectly. I put this in my Zotac Zbox AD12 media player to boot the OS. Installed and wors flawlessly. Better than a regular hard drive.

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Super Price!1/11/2013 11:41:10 AM

Pros: Cheap and stable RAM.

Cons: None!

Overall Review: I put this single 8GB SO-DIMM in my Zotac Zbox AD12 media player and it works perfectly. Excellent price!

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Perfect Enclosure!1/11/2013 11:39:18 AM

Pros: - 5 SATA drive bays on a single eSATA connection - Hot-swap capability - Easy to add and remove a hard drive - Front door / cover to hide drives - Minimal lights (not lit up like Vegas) :) - Comes with an eSATA controller

Cons: - A drive rail/bay/tray must be attached with screws to the hard drive to insert the drive into the enclosure. I'd prefer a tool-less tray like what my HP uses but I don't plan to add/remove my drives very often. - No USB connection. I knew this before I bought it so it really isn't a Con. However, the cost of the eSATA + USB 3.0 drive is like $100+ more. Crazy.

Overall Review: - I loaded this enclosure up with 5 x WD 3.0TB Red NAS drives. Quiet, cool, and fast operation. Connected via the eSATA connection (only connection) to my HP EX490 file server and I had no problems at all. - You must ensure that your host computer (host eSATA controller) supports port multiplication or you will only see the bottom single drive. My laptop is this way - No fault of this enclosure. If you have a PC, you can use the included controller that will allow you to see all the drives. I did not need to use the included eSATA controller.

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