Great purchase, works as intended2/15/2021 2:38:54 PM

Overall Review: Overall, it works. It's RAM for my laptop :D

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Loving it so far10/15/2020 1:35:55 PM

Pros: - Great typing experience - Battery is about 8 hours - Dolby audio is a plus

Cons: - Keyboard layout still getting used to

Overall Review: Its a great laptop. I'm using it for work and it does its job exceptionally so far. I like watching movies on it too because of the Dolby sound from these speakers, I'm not picky with this kind of stuff so as long it does the work without any hitches, I think its great.

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Works great out of the box5/21/2020 8:41:21 AM

Pros: Just works

Cons: Not as many features compared to the Pro4 variants

Overall Review: I needed to replace my old B350m Pro4 (bricked it during an update I think but ran great during its time I had with it, might try to fix it for another build :) ) so I opted for this as a temporary solution until the 550's come out and so far it is running great. It was updated to the latest BIOS right out of the box so I could use my 3600 with it.

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Great mobo for my first build12/3/2017 10:22:33 AM

Pros: It’s great for my first build and very simple for any type of project. Loving it so far!

Cons: Not much of a con but Ethernet does not work out of the box, bios and driver update is mandatory. But it was just my first experience with building a PC so it a learning process.

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