Excellent monitor!9/7/2019 6:04:34 AM

Pros: Crisp, clear graphics Easy to use Connectivity options Small bezel design

Cons: None noted

Overall Review: Extremely pleased with purchase. The images on this monitor rival my Sony 4k UHD TV. I'm using the display port input for my desktop PC, and the resolution is fantastic. I also have a Firetv stick connected to one of the HDMI ports, and , again, the picture quality is superb. Style-wise, it looks a lot like Acer's other monitors, but fits well with my overall minimalist setup. I haven't used the OSD much, but there appears to be plenty of options(probably some I will never use). I believe this is a quality multi-use monitor with a great picture. I am considering purchasing another for a two monitor setup.

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No Issues with Ryzen 2600 CPU9/3/2019 9:33:34 AM

Pros: Works as advertised Looks good, but not flashy Excellent value

Cons: No issues.

Overall Review: This RAM wasn't on the QVL for my motherboard, but it was easily OC through UEFI( ASRock B450M PRO4). So I was a bit apprehensive before installing it. Highly recommended for my CPU/MB.

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Great Video Card9/3/2019 9:24:49 AM

Pros: Easy installation. Looks good(not flashy). Output to my WQHD monitor is gorgeous.

Cons: Nothing, so far.

Overall Review: Very good; after much research, this seemed like the best for my amateur video-editing setup without breaking the bank. It has held up well to my expectations.

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Solid Motherboard9/3/2019 9:20:24 AM

Pros: Ease of wiring Good instruction manual. Lots of options for expansion.

Cons: No issues.

Overall Review: This motherboard appears to fit the bill for my usage. Nothing fancy or flashy, but it gets the job done. The ASRock product support website could be a little more user-friendly, but it's adequate. I was able to OC my RAM easily through the UEFI.

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Easy Cable Management9/3/2019 9:11:25 AM

Pros: 2 quiet case fans included RGB LED magnetic strip included Tempered glass Great design Extremely easy cable management Hidden PSU compartment Plenty of room for upgrades Excellent packaging(double boxed)

Cons: It's large...but I knew that beforehand.

Overall Review: This is a great case for my needs. Every feature worked upon first wiring it up. Speaking of wiring, it was extremely easy to connect. Plenty of room to work inside case, and included velcro straps made for quick work of cable management. Understated style and not too flashy, which is the look I was going for. Overall, an excellent purchase. Highly recommended.

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