Scroll acting funny?3/16/2013 3:12:07 PM

Pros: Has mousiness Can it be 2 years old now?

Cons: Tends to steal cheese

Overall Review: I love this mouse, and was really upset that I was about to have to replace it for a bad scroll wheel. Well guess what?! If the wheel starts to loose sensitivity remove the swappable cover and eject the weights then blast the insides with compressed air. Hello dustball! Mouse works 100% again!

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LED TV6/5/2012 7:03:34 PM

Pros: LED TV's with side and bottom inputs ONLY. Used name brand one on Toshiba LED in office which is super thin and all inputs are orientated to go in sideways. Nothing sticks out the back. I have paintings that stick off the wall more (framed of course)

Cons: Regular price is too high, the name brand one (same manafacturer) lists at same price. Have reseller account with distributor so bought it local. Sale price essentially cost.

Overall Review: Designed to be attached to studded wall, into the studs. Pole mount is obviously modified and not it's intended use. It is literally an over-sized picture hanger.

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Painless1/30/2012 6:50:30 PM

Pros: Plug them in and they work as advertised, no issues running with older OCZ with matched timings on second channel.

Cons: Heat sinks are taller than the ocz

Overall Review: I love reading reviews of "bad memory" or "Motherboards" because intel switched the channels on X58.

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ZERO STARS1/7/2012 4:20:09 PM

Pros: 7.8 windows rating, for the 10 minutes it might run windows...

Cons: doesn't deserve the first star, corrupts everything you put on it. It has no idea where it is storing data it would seem, or at least it can't operate an OS. How can I get them to help Troubleshoot it when windows isn't stable?

Overall Review: total wast of money, time, and it probably took time off of my life in stess to my heart from elevated blood pressure. Suprised I didn't have a heart attack while working with MICROSOFT to figure out this was a worthless piece of &*%^. I have Never RMA'd anything back to newegg, first piece of hardware that failed on me new from them in 5 years.

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NC 3004/8/2011 4:39:45 PM

Pros: When you have an antique laying around.... Really any tv/pc in the last 5 years has hdmi, so the need for this is small so don't look for any improvements.

Cons: Internal joints on rca connectors are very weak and you find that you have to hold cables just so for it to output video. S-video/composite button on top seems like it could have been easily eliminated.

Overall Review: we use these to convert vga video from NC 300 nurse call systems to VGA monitors. Newer 300II and 400's are VGA, so just for the really old ones out there.

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1/4/2011 7:36:14 PM

Pros: Everything worked heng long tanks are apparently a gamble on quality but it seems to be getting better. If used indoors as described should last a good while. There is a vibrant aftermarket for upgrading these things to the level of the thousand dollar ones with out spending a thousand dollars (several hundred maybe....)

Cons: Wished they carried the metal upgraded one (metal tracks and gears), they are a little more, but cheaper than upgrading those components latter.

Overall Review: Shipping took absolutely forever, plan on 7 to 10 business days. So 1 egg for waiting and not having the metal upgraded one which I would give 5 stars.

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Great Product.1/4/2011 7:24:08 PM

Pros: Solid with bolt through mounting, included edge mount is very heavy and industrial and should hold just as well. I can lift the desk by grabbing the pole. Adjustable in every angle, i can now pull the monitor to me instead of me to the monitor. Added a lot of features I wasn't looking for but @ $80 I'm not complaining.

Cons: Landscape to portrait only goes counterclockwise (Rotate)

Overall Review: My monitor lacked movement in the tilt range and I was always hunched forward to see it. Now I can tilt it down and pull it to me and actually recline in my chair again! Desk now has more space on it as the pole is maybe inch and a quarter? and can just swivel it out of the way when needed.

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In Agreement12/31/2010 4:25:07 PM

Pros: Its reliable, since I've had it 5 years. It works but you have to babysit it.

Cons: I have a hard time believing this thing has any temperature control, it doesn't matter what you set it on it seems to run full blast. I never leave anything unattended in it which defeats the purpose of a crock pot.

Overall Review: Didn't get it at newegg, but as a house warming gift, glad it has not burned the house down....

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Forgot about tuna...9/5/2010 6:16:25 PM

Pros: Works awesome! It basiclly undoes the crimp around the rim allowing the top to just lift off.

Cons: Forgot about tuna fish as I used to use the lid to press the liquid out. Well the lid is now bigger than the top of the can so thats a no go. I figured it out but I guess it's a con, although The old style couldn't even fully open the can so I'll call it a draw.

Overall Review: I'll never use a blade style or manual can opener again. (picked up locally for a few dollars more but still less since no shipping involved)

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Power Saving8/7/2010 11:48:08 AM

Pros: This card is a massive improvement over my HD 4770 crossfire setup, the factory overclock preserves the power saving features allowing the card to run as low as 157/300 where as using overdrive the minimum is 450/whatever your set memory to. Surfing the web does not require any of the power this card has to offer... It runs at about 44c degrees in a mid tower case with 4 hdd's in front of it and an i7 920 over it, although any hole for a fan in my case has a fan in it.. and that also means I cannot tell you how loud it is as the 2 side fans on my case drown out everything else going on in there, but they still fit even with this card installed which is more than I can say for the thermaltake spedo. I am not sure if the 1 gig of extra memory makes a difference in a single card configuration but had planned to purchase a second one for xfire where I know that it would, but I now don't see where I need the second card as this runs everything I do @ max and as smooth as Leon Phelps..

Cons: Massive.... Standard for todays cards which I find interesting, as the dies shrink the cards grow..... It squeezes into a Storm Scout with zero room to spare after the reqisite power is connected. If the Cooler Master power supply cables had the braided wrapping it would not have. I do not remove an egg for size although it is a con for anyone who has less clearance than the coolermasters.

Overall Review: Measure measure measure... Newegg has numbers for everyone listed here, contact manafacture and get card dimensions if not listed, call case manafacure to get thiers if you are getting case at the same time, for crossfire take into account PCI-e placement, adding a second one on the x58-ud5 is going to require replacing the cooler for instance (have a thermalright that goes around the card that does this well if I find that second card needed.) If you are short on room for a 5870 you cannot go wrong with this card

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Good6/9/2010 7:29:43 PM

Pros: Spreads well, included tool is great! It is thinner than Artic Silver 5 but not MX-2 thin, nice in between. Plenty in syringe. Temps will vary on case design, # of case fans and chip cooler but got 10c decrease over Artic Silver 5 standard.

Cons: pricey

Overall Review: As always less is more.. it is made to fill imperfections, not glue the surfaces together.... If your results are not as expected try again and use less....

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Intel BOXDX58SO6/9/2010 7:09:12 PM

Pros: Works with Intel BOXDX58SO Motherboard.

Cons: Adds a boot step... one more screen to wait through while it looks for attached devices.

Overall Review: Added to brothers PC for extra Sata ports as intel boxed board only has 1 controller for 6 Satas... why not go 6g.

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Really?? Made in China?6/9/2010 7:00:50 PM

Pros: It works, includes velcro, doesn't use a PCI slot.

Cons: Someone said made in China... try checking everything else in you computer... Heck we are all just displaced Chinese workers these days. Newegg has hidden this in a wierd spot, should be in add-on cards.

Overall Review: Such a small device, wonder why manafacturers of mainboards are so spartan with internal USB headers. its like 1"x2".........

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5/17/2010 8:51:09 PM

Pros: Fits HD 4770 if you remove the lower PCI expansion slot cover. cools 2 degrees more than the thermalright hr-03 Rev A that is mounted on the top card in the over the back of the card configuration to free the lower pci slot for another card. Thats the least efficient location for it also. Installation is a breeze, spacer included incase you need it (solid copper)

Cons: The blades are press fit to the heatpipes, but not very tightly pressed which affects heat transfer slightly. Will be longer than nesessary for some cards (ie 4770) I expected that but be aware of case limitations. 1 of the mounting screws was not threaded?! Will see how their support is on sending one out to me.

Overall Review: Overall this works far better than the ATI default cooler ever could. If this was my first cooler I would be impressed. unfortunatly it is not. The thermal right cooler is far more flexible (can mount on either side of the card) is far more solid and had extra screws and thumb nuts incase you lose or damaged any (or AFU on arrival) I will say that the Scythe had enough heatsinks for 3 cards atleast. I deduct 1 egg for fit and finish; Q/A on the screw; and packaging looks like I imported it from Hong Kong...

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Great Hardware12/25/2009 5:16:06 PM

Pros: Does its job well, great improvement over stock cooler. Airflow arrows on fan are hard to see as they are smoked translucent fans, but they are there. Running 39c@idle clocked at 3.4ghz i7 920, with all powersaving off.

Cons: Have to rely on Easy tune 6 to tell me if it stops running as you cannot hear it at all. ; ) Didn't come with good thermal paste, but when was the last time you used "their" paste anyways? Ends up in a drawer and goes on let me try this "projects"

Overall Review: Read bad reviews on this and all pointed to installer error or shipping. If you can push on it and your temps go down you didn't tighten it properly or added too much thermal paste , less is more. Sorry you bought a cheap case and had to pull your MB to install it, all other fans will require the same, your case blows, not the fan. I wouldn't trust the turn lock Intel solution as far as I could throw it either, and their arrows are to remove not install. Don't knock the fan because its too big, you can read and the specs are published here, yet you fault the directions because they are in eng-rish, yet you don't know metric... lame.

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Nice Upgrade. never was a toad..12/8/2009 5:58:33 PM

Pros: Bought this card to put into a friends AMD HP PC that had on-board graphics. Obviously made a difference, but was surprised at how well the AMD/ATI Fusion utility worked! Set it to performance and it shut down a ton of windows background operations and the once slow dell flew again!

Cons: another ati card with no crossfire bridge but friends PC only has 1 pci-e slot.

Overall Review: Not having pci-e external power requirement makes this an excellent upgrade card for factory PC's with shoddy on-board graphic chips and if it is all AMD/ATI the fusion utility makes a tired PC run like it found some kinda wiz-ard to change it back again...

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UPDATE FEATURES11/21/2009 9:09:08 PM

Pros: ATI has not changed the crossfire bridge, so it works on all cards, please update features description to reflect that. - 1 egg for making me cross my fingers

Cons: should have come with either one of my Asus hd 4770's, or maybe the Gigabyte x58-ud5 board? Got Sli bridges, no xfire :( Should deduct an egg here but thats not neweggs fault, but they do have more weight with ATI than I do. They should complain on behalf of their customers that such a inexpensive one size fits all piece is not included. I will gladdly send back these lame dvi to hdmi or dvi to vga converters that come with all three if they are to tight on cash...

Overall Review: Only need 1 for 2 cards, 2 for three cards, but I got 2 since I was paying shipping anyways, which should be free for such a small item. -1 egg for shipping (showed up in an envelope?!)

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Almost perfect...8/22/2009 8:46:18 PM

Pros: The workmanship and materials of the case are top-notch, the cooling is sufficient to run an I7 920 at 3.4ghz with stock cooling, hits 40c in games, but so does yours (that's body temp ;), unless your running a fever) It looks phenomenal and the lights are not intrusive, but add a nice touch. The layout is great as it is of the newer p/s at the bottom sideways hdd bay configuration. Tooless is rock solid with no looseness of the optical drives.

Cons: The fans however are 4 pin molex and do not connect to the motherboard, 2 pins are used to control the leds and the other 2 are power, they are quiet but not monitored. There could be about a 1/4 inch more space behind the motherboard tray and back cover, little tight, but same complaint with the thermaltake Spedo full tower

Overall Review: Read the bad reviews and have no idea how you can't fit a hdd in there, I have a floppy and 2 hard drives in the internal 3.5 bays with plenty of room, the problem obviously lay with their hdd.

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can run far cry 2 now8/1/2009 3:05:47 PM

Pros: This card is way better than the old 1950 pro it replaced, at the same power requirement. Installed in old gateway with E6300 conroe that wouldn't even load farcry before. Due to system bottleneck this card is pretty much stuck at 840 core and 950 memory overclock but it does run on the old 350 watt power supply. Goes into slow motion (but doesn't lock up)when a lot of people are shooting at you, but that is again the 1.86 Conroe on the Love Valley P motherboard with 2 gigs of ddr2 4200 and I am running 1920x1080 to a 24" Viewsonic 2ms monitor. Games that did run before are 100% better.

Cons: Doesn't make my lame computer run faster... Makes you realize how out of date the rest of your components are.... The asus oc'ing utility is about as helpful as ati overdrive, stick with Riva-tuner. Fully supported drivers now!!!! (never use the cd drivers that come with anything except for initial install on motherboards at most!, as these things are mass produced then sit in warehouses for who knows how long, stop deducting eggs for it....)

Overall Review: If you are upgrading or replacing bad video card in an older pc with a low watt p/s then this is a buy now. Upgrading slowly and will have a second one for CFx once I get all the components together.

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