Good case11/29/2018 7:45:10 AM

Pros: Just built my PC in this yesterday and looks really good. Everything went smoothly. Acrylic surprised me with how clear it is looks just like glass. I have used acrylic before and it wasn’t as shiny and transparent as glass and had spiderwebbing if you took a paint light to it but this looks really good.

Cons: Wish the grommets and top dust filter were included with the acrylic version. Didn’t notice that when I ordered it so had to order the dust cover separately. Also wish there was a bit more room for cable management.

Overall Review: Really great case all way around, but do wish I would have spent the extra few $ on the glass version. I would highly suggest the glass, but this case is still a great one.

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WORKS WITH RYZEN11/29/2018 7:36:56 AM

Pros: I ordered this not paying attention to the fact that this wasn’t the “Ryzen Compatible” version or approved for my Asrock x370 Motherboard. But everything is working fine. No problems with incompatibility at all.

Cons: None as of this moment.

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