Works great in my MacBook Pro6/10/2010 7:10:04 PM

Pros: Works great! Reading other reviews you will find that these sticks don't work out of the box for some Apple users. G-Skill recommends using their Mac-certified memory for MacBooks. Come on folks, it isn't fair to deduct eggs for something that is fully disclosed in the product specifications. That said, I decided that the &50.00 + cost savings was worth giving these guys a try. After all, NewEgg's return policy would have let me return them for the Mac-certified version if things didn't work out. The product description of the Mac memory merely says that that memory has been "TESTED" to work with a Mac. The implication here is that there is absolutely no difference between this RAM and the "official" RAM for the Mac. The extra money you would be paying is for the testing, which may be worth it to you if you don't want to hassle dealing with returning and waiting for a replacement. However, I think the likelihood of having these guys not working is reasonably low.

Cons: None.

Overall Review: Be bold. Save money. Put the extra dough in your kid's college account! :-)

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Great Monitor for use with MacBook Pro6/10/2010 6:52:00 PM

Pros: The aspect ratio of this monitor allows me to make full use of the screen when connecting it to my MacBook Pro. All the 27" monitors I could find were not only more expensive, but their native resolution was 1920 x 1080 (aspect ratio 16:9). In contrast, this monitor has a native resolution of 1920 x 1200 (aspect ratio 16:10). This is an important point because the Mac expects a 16:10 monitor. If you use a 16:9 monitor you are going to be dismayed by the inch or so of unused screen on either side of the image. So not only is this monitor a tad larger than the 27" offerings to begin with, the full utilization of the screen makes a great deal even better. The reasonable price, free shipping, and the fact that there are no dead pixels add up to this monitor being a fantastic deal!

Cons: None!

Overall Review: The image quality is on par with other LCD monitors I have used. The controls allowed me to adjust the brightness and contrast to meet my taste. The viewing angle might be a bit narrow to use as a home theater screen, but sitting on my desktop I notice no difference in brightness across the screen with my eyes leveled at about dead center This thing doesn't match the crystal clarity of the LED display on my wife's 27" iMac, but then again the matte finish of the screen means that I don't have to put up with the reflections my wife has to endure.

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Excellent Tech Support for a Great Product3/4/2009 5:24:59 PM

Pros: I based my decision to buy this product upon the many glowing reviews out there on the web, however it was only after I installed that I discovered the most compelling reason to choose this over any other WHS option – HP’s excellent technical support. While the setup process is extremely simple, I still managed to come up against several snags during the first week of use that prompted me to call tech support. In each instance I was connected in less than two minutes to a courteous and knowledgeable support rep who patiently worked with me to resolve my issue. In this age where outsourcing and customer-no-service is becoming seemingly more prevalent, I couldn’t be more delighted with treatment I received. Way to go HP ! ! !

Cons: Much to the chagrin of my darling wife, the HP MSS has not quenched my thirst for electronic gadgetry. Indeed, it has opened up a whole new world of possibilities that I am only now beginning to discover. First on my list is to explore home-theater equipment including a wireless network media player, HDTV, and a new surround-sound system. I’ve tried to explain to my beloved that these purchases aren’t driven by hedonism, but rather a deep sense of patriotism. I am willing to do my part by making financial sacrifices in order to stimulate the country's ailing economy. Unfortunately, she's not buying any of it, which means, I suppose, neither am I. :-(

Overall Review: Even though this slick piece of hardware has only been gracing the corner of my desk for couple weeks, I can’t dream of going back to the days of trying to manually manage data on all the computers and laptops in our home. With the MSS I can not only access my files easily from any computer on our home network, but I can also do so when traveling via a web browser. This feature alone has been worth the price of admission to me. While I could have built my own server with spare parts I have accumulated over the years, I chose to spend the extra bucks on the MSS to take advantage of its integrated features such as easily swappable drives, low power consumption, and classy form factor. This baby blows away any NAS device due to its broad functionality and expandability that will allow it to grow according to your needs in the months and years to come. Sure it's pricey, but you deserve it. Take the plunge into the future of home computing!

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Plays nice with Vista7/27/2008 9:29:22 AM

Pros: Got it to work with Vista 64-bit after a bit of tweaking. Video quality is excellent. Using the bundled software, PowerDirector, to import was straightforward and worked well with an important exception listed under Cons. I tried two other products before this one with no success using Vista 64-bit. Both the Diamond VC500 and the first generation of this product simply wouldn't work, even in XP (I have a dual-boot rig).

Cons: *** Compatibility Alert *** PowerDirector would hang forever whenever I tried to launch it until I selected the properties on the .exe file and set it to run in XP SP2 compatibility mode, after which it seems to run fine. Other Notes: Neither Windows Movie Maker nor Sony Vegas Platinum 8 will recognize the device - even after downloading most recent driver. However, because PowerDirector works I will just have to deal with some extra steps. Sound is somewhat choppy but acceptable to me for my purposes of converting lectures on VHS tape to digital format. There are some pops and brief cut outs that might be more objectionable if one were transferring treasured family videos. Documentation - sadly lacking in detail, even on website.

Overall Review: I am amazed that there doesn't appear to be a better selection of products to perform what would seem to be a task that is highly in demand as we move forward into the digital age. DVD Maker 2 has its flaws but it is getting the job done for now at a reasonable price.

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The Mother of all Keyboards1/4/2008 4:20:56 PM

Pros: A couple months ago my habit working on my computer while drinking cola beverages led to tragedy as I reached for an object on my desk and spilled my drink into my Aurora keyboard (the predecessor to the Caesar). While the aluminum case might have withstood a nearby bomb blast, it sadly proved to be less impervious to liquid. I was dismayed to discover that the Aurora keyboard had been discontinued, but my hopes were lifted by reading about the upcoming release of the Caesar on the Enermax website. Since then I checked Newegg every few days to see if the Caesar was yet in stock. My persistence finally paid off last week and my fingers are happily typing this review on my new keyboard! Like the Aurora, the Caesar’s keyboard has a very short and quiet keystroke with just the right amount of resistance to allow for practically effortless typing while still preventing unwanted characters from appearing in your document as your fingers rest on the keyboard.

Cons: Curiously, the Caesar has an internal audio controller that allows you to connect a microphone and external speakers directly to the keyboard. I suppose this might be of use if your computer doesn’t have a sound card, but if it does you would need to disable it in the control panel in order to use the one in the Caesar. This doesn’t seem like a practical feature to me so perhaps I am missing something.

Overall Review: Pictures don’t do justice to the black brushed aluminum anodized finish that is tastefully accented by a beveled metallic facet that runs along the top of the keyboard. The bright blue LED’s above the number pad enhance the cool factor nicely. Having owned a couple of keyboards in the past that are replete with programmable function keys, I know that I tend to make little use of such features and, therefore, didn’t expect to find much use in the extra function keys located on the sides of the Caesar. However, now that I have been using it for a few days I am surprised to discover how handy these functions actually are – particularly the audio controls that allow you to mute, pause, or adjust the volume without having to reach for a mouse. The function keys on the right side are somewhat less useful to me, especially the one that launches Windows Media Center, which is a poorly designed application IMO. If these key was programmable I would opt to launch iTunes instead.

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Ownership: 1 day to 1 week
Tactile treat3/2/2007 5:55:58 PM

Pros: I struggled to justify buying an expensive keyboard that I didn't "need", but now that I've spent a week dancing my fingers across its keys I'm very happy with my purchase. The aluminum case has an absolutely beautiful brushed anodized finish and the blue LED’s add a cool techno accent. Most of all, I am totally digging the feel of the keys. I find that the short keystroke does make typing faster as others have observed. The spring resistance is indeed greater than a standard desktop keyboard; however this is a necessary compensation for the short, almost silent keystroke; otherwise it would be too easy to make typos. The tension might take a little getting used to, however I find it to be quite acceptable.

Cons: I have access to USB and audio jacks via the front of my computer so related limitations listed by others are not a factor for me.

Overall Review: Other than a mouse, the keyboard is the only physical connection to your computer. If you’re like me and spend all day working on a computer you will undoubtedly find the quality of this keyboard to be well worth the price.

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