Incredible4/7/2020 11:44:00 PM

Pros: Great cable management in the back and beautiful design. very slick and large case. comes with led control center which is super nice. Tempered glass is awesome and with the design and quality of the rest of the case it's surprising I could get one for the price. well mounted to my desk and lets very little noise out. Most noise comes out the back and the front has so many layers the sound is dampened.

Cons: Not sure if this counts but I got custom cables and once feeding them back into my cable managing space things got a little tight but it still worked out. I had to do this because my psu doesn't let you switch out directly for custom cables and you have to extend them. don't worry about that though, because before I got the cables there was more than enough space.

Overall Review: I recommend this to anyone doing a budget build. It makes the build look awesome and somehow contains every cool addition most expensive cases get at a very affordable price. It's been out of stock for a while and I'd love to get it for some of my friends' upcoming builds. Please don't discontinue this case!

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