Nice Board4/16/2015 6:40:35 AM

Pros: - The BIOS is extremely user friendly and well thought out. - Aesthetically pleasing... for those of us with windowed side-panels. - Works like a dream. No errors or problems posting.

Cons: - I was disappointed that the board did not have support for the USB 3.0 on the front IO panel on my case. It's not enough to dock the board an egg. And I suppose when you want a budget board they have to cut corners somewhere.

Overall Review: Simple budget gaming build on this board: AMD FX-6300 Cooler Master Hyper 212 EVO 16 GB G Skills Ripjaws X Series (2x8) RAM AMD Radeon SSD 120GB (for Windows) Phantex Enthoo Pro Case

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Great Case4/16/2015 6:25:36 AM

Pros: This case is amazing; an absolute dream to work with. - Easy to use cable management. The supplied straps are sturdy and hold very well under the force of large bundles of cables. - Spacious. This case has the room for massive video cards and server sized motherboards. With the removable HHD Bays, you can create even more room (be it for air flow or water cooling. - Modular. It's standard setup was perfect for my budget gaming system, but it's capability to handle even top end systems is outstanding. With modular drive bays, up to 8 fan mounts, and room for most radiators, this case can handle most of the hardware that you can through at it. - Cost. This is the most value added case that I have ever seen. Though I purchased this case on a budget, I definitely don't feel like I settled. There is no buyer's remorse, or feeling the need to upgrade the case in the near future. - Subjective. I like the looks of this case. It has a sort of minimalist look from afar, but the windows give it that slight edge (to let everyone know you're a gamer). It's perfect for someone like me; whose tower is not the keystone of the aesthetics of my room. However with a few LED lights or LED Case Fans, this case can definitely draw the eye. Packaging - It seems that Phanteks has heard the previous reviews and made some changes. The packing Styrofoam was two solid pieces at each end and another covering the window. The handy dandy toolbox kit was carefully wire-tied down; to prevent it from shifting and scratching the window in transit. BIG PLUS for the company listening to criticism, and making changes to make the consumer happy and more valued.

Cons: - People have complained about the ease of scratching the window. I was lucky enough to be blemish free; so far. I'll just put this in the cons to make sure everyone is more careful when dealing with that panel on the case (not because I see this an issue,because it hasn't happened to me).

Overall Review: When making budget upgrades to my previous gaming rig, I was forced to get a new case due to the size of the Tri-X R9 290 that I purchased. The card was a massive 12 inches long and wouldn't fit in my old NZXT Zero case. I know. I know. I should have checked first. I just figured "It's a full tower gaming case. It should be fine". I guess I should have factored in its age, and that new cards are bigger and stronger. Freaking out. I rushed to Newegg to find something that wouldn't case my budget to explode. Low and behold, I found the Enthoo Pro. This case is so much better than my previous case (which I though was awesome; for a time), and is definitely worth every penny. If you are on a budget; don't hesitate. Get this case.

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Never Cooler7/28/2008 2:02:53 PM

Pros: This is a Fantastic Fan! It definitely pushes alot of air. The 110.31 claim appears to be no exaggeration. The 3-pin wire w/ 4-pin adaptor allows flexibiliy with setting up these fans. The Fan wires are fairly long, and the added length of the adapter, allowed me to prroduce a very neat wire management setup.

Cons: Doesn't run silent, but I didn't expect it too. I was nearly scared off by some of the reviews about how noisy this fan is, but it's not that bad at all. If you are looking for the amount of air this fan pushes, you could definitely do worse

Overall Review: I replaced the 7 stock 120mm fans in my NZXT Zero case with these. My Poor computer sits in the hottest room of the house, and it seems there is nothing I can do to bring it down to a reasonable temp during the summer. My OC 8800GTXs were exceptional susceptible to the heat. They were idling at 72c and would raise to 93c, or even crash, on games like Age of Conan and Mass Effect. These fans have reduced idle to 52.8c and now never go above 68c during those games. My OC E8400 temp did not decrease, it still idles at 42c. However, previously temps would rise to 47c during load, now they never pass 44c. I am extremely happy with this product and highly recommend these fans (especially those who are deathly afraid of watercooling, like me). System NZXT Zero, Cooler Master 1000w PSU, EVGA 780i, E8400@3.465, 3 GB Mushkin DDR2 800, EVGA 8800GTX@621/1000 SLI, Windows Vista Home Premium. And now 7 of these babies keeping it all *very* cool.

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