Disappointing Trash8/29/2021 2:38:37 AM

Pros: Cool looking exterior with a blue/white finish.

Cons: -Not able to be detected on both mac and window -Is unable to stay connected even with different cables and ports -Drivers are unreliable

Overall Review: I'm not sure if I got a defective hard drive but this was such a huge disappointment. I bought multiple seagate drives before so I'm pretty familiar with setting them up and formatting them. This is the first time where I had a headache because it would not be detected by both my mac or windows computer during the initial setup. I connected this to my Mac first. Saw no detection. I swapped out the cables and tried multiple ports and still got nothing. Then I tried on another mac following the same process and still nothing. I then tried on my pc and saw that the hard drive was listed, but it could not stay detected. Then after trying a different port/cables, the drive became totally undetected. I tried restarting my devices, switching ports and cabling, and even installed Seagate updated drivers to see if MacOS Big Sur isn't compatible. This is such a huge let down because I was relying on this for work. I waited a week and a half with delayed projects just to have it come and blue ball me. This is my least favorite seagate product ever and I will stay away from One Touch models from now on.

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Manufacturer Response:
Hello Alex C, Thank you for your feedback on our Seagate 5TB OneTouch Portable Hard drive USB 3.0 Model STKC5000402. We regret to hear about your experience with the Seagate Drive that it was not detected by windows and Mac even after changing the data cable and you tried all troubleshooting steps. Please check the below KBA for reference: https://www.seagate.com/ca/en/support/kb/usb-external-troubleshooter-003581en/ We’re certainly sorry you’ve encountered this circumstance. Nevertheless, we’re hoping to lend a helping hand and offer some assistance. please create a case with our technical support team so we can further investigate and explore available options: https://support2.seagate.com/?language=en-us If the drive is within warranty, it would be our pleasure to replace it posthaste. To process the replacement online and to review Seagate’s return policy, E-Commerce & RMA Terms and shipping instructions please go to: http://www.seagate.com/support/warranty-and-replacements/ Kind Regards, Subha, Seagate Support.