I learned a lot building up with this case3/4/2020 3:38:34 PM

Pros: -Yes, the full mesh front will aid in cooling -Yes, you can fit a full size ATX board in this case -Nice looking

Cons: -Only fully modular small PSUs work -The hard drive trays don't work with full size spinning hard drives...unbelievable but true. Instead of laying my Western Digital hard drive in there and having the quick attaching side clips fit, no, they don't. I have no idea what hard drives these clips do fit but not my standard hard drives. After scratching my head I took them out and just used screws -As noted in another review, the direction of the hard drive trays (which I thought would be a plus) is a minus if your psu is too big. The cables coming out of the hard drive are so smashed up against the psu I'm wondering about date loss -Maybe the rest of the computer building world these days build in small cases but I've only used full size cases with lots of room. Building in this was tight and not in a good way. My psu (not modular at all) was waaaay too big and I couldn't shut the side panel. Next build with this case will have a tiny fully modular psu, my fault that I tried using a spare psu that was just too big but be forewarned

Overall Review: I learned a lot building with this case. The smaller size would be good for those who need it but I never have and still don't, this was just an experiment. I still don't know why having the psu in an enclosed space is what consumers are asking for. I'm not much for clean cable routing, I just want a computer that works and has air flowing all around all components. What this case brings might be just what the next guy wants so I'm gonna give it 4 stars. So what if it didn't work out like I wanted but with a smaller psu it might.

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Waste of time12/23/2019 5:48:19 AM

Pros: None

Cons: Everything

Overall Review: This is one of those redemption programs where they require you to jump through a thousand hoops to complete the process, only at the end of all that it still doesn't work. It's designed to frustrate you so much that you finally give up, like I just gave up. They really don't want you to finish the process, so it's a complete waste of time to even try.

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Performs as expected so far...until today11/20/2018 2:36:02 PM

Pros: Base clock of 3.6 GHz means it beats an i5-6500 I have in another build. Inexpensive. Bang for the buck.

Cons: The only con is that suddenly today the cpu shot up to 100 degrees C at idle. All fans bumped up to maximum which alerted me to maybe there's a problem. The mobo is a Biostar 460GT5S. Yes, it's the stock cooler but all of my builds use the stock cooler (no OC ever) and it only started doing this today. 100 C is just too hot at idle.

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Lexar 16 GB Jump Drive TwistTurn3/3/2014 2:02:17 PM

Pros: No cap, works as advertised which is to say I can download files to it and upload files from it.

Cons: Reviews here range from "Fast! 20 MB speeds!!" They must be reviewing some other Jump Drive. I agree with the other replies that say "OK but slow" because, as I'm typing this, I'm downloading files to it (it's USB 2.0 and is plugged into a USB 2.0 slot) it's averaging about 6 MB which is about right for a slow USB thumb drive.

Overall Review: You never know how fast a USB thumb drive is going to be until you use it. The fastest USB 2.0 thumb drives I own are HP 4 GB which can average above 10 MB. I'm going to have to upgrade to USB 3.0 one of these days!

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HFX PRO650W7/24/2012 5:44:13 PM

Pros: Mine runs quiet and cool and has gobs of power. Rebate process ran smoothly.

Cons: None.

Overall Review: Man, the reviews for this unit run from "DOA" "Never buy from this company again" to "great unit". Mine arrived ready to do its job, I've had no problems and it continues to perform just great. Lucky me, I guess. I'd say ignore the negative reviews and buy one.

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How to get a discrete graphics card to work?8/11/2011 12:46:00 PM

Pros: I own this mobo by way of buying a Cyberpower 1313 from Newegg. It has an i3 2100 cpu. My intention was to put in an 8800GT I had laying around, but before that I put in an XFX PRO650W psu to make sure I had enough power (the supplied psu was horrible).

Cons: I kept hearing that the new card would be "auto detected" and would basically install itself. The 8800GT didn't, a local computer shop declared it dead so I bought a PNY GTS450 from Newegg. Same result "no signal detected". How in heck do I get my computer to detect my card? It must be a Bios-related thing which is why I'm asking here.

Overall Review: Yes, I have the monitor cable hooked up to the card and yes I have a six pin power supply cord hooked up as well (the fan spins). I went into the Bios and went to: Advanced>Chipset>Initiate Graphics Adapter and it's set on PEG/PCi which is what I've read should detect my card before the Bios defaults to the Intel graphics. It's like the PCI-E slot doesn't work but it's "enabled" in the Bios. Help!

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Manufacturer Response:
You may want to contact Biostar support for assistance, support@biostar-usa.com or call 626-581-1055 menu.
I like it but...7/17/2011 8:38:56 AM

Pros: You couldn't build this rig for xxx (what I paid). For full list (xxx) yeah you could do better yourself. i3 is as fast as my i5-750 computer for photo editing, at least in the programs that mean the most to me (DxO, CS5). If you're not into gaming much, the on-board Intel graphics aren't bad.

Cons: I bought this intending to put in an 8800 GT I had laying around. The 1313 is advertised as having a 450 watt power supply but it doesn't. What it really has is an Apevia Turbolink ATX-TL450w-BK (only found this out when I got the computer). And it's really a lame 230 watt power supply. Read all about it at hardwaresecrets.

Overall Review: So I put in an XFX Pro650W Core Edition (highly recommended by hardwaresecrets) which brought my price up to around xxx after XFX rebate. Still not bad at all. Now if I could only figure out how to disable the onboard graphics so my 8800 GT can be recognized. This is the second time I've tried posting this review, let's see if this one gets posted.

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The good and the bad12/30/2009 11:16:03 AM

Pros: Great price for the parts spec. Pretty quiet. Video card is just fine for a $60 card.

Cons: Two things. As I fired it up the first few times, like all of us I guess I was prompted to change some hard drive setting, as in "Hard drive is in IDE mode!!!!" or something like that. "Do you want to fix this??" or something like that. Finally I hit "Y" and what a mistake that was. Amateur that I am, I had to dive into the BIOS and change some setting to allow this computer to actually finish booting. First time in the BIOS for me. Second, the half green/half purple PS2 port doesn't work. I want to use an older Microsoft PS2 keyboard but it won't fire up when plugged in. CyberpowerPC won't answer my email questions. Anybody know what I can do to get that PS2 port to work?

Overall Review: I like this computer, I've never built my own but I have to say I've never had any "problems" with any computer I've bought. No dire warnings of "Hard drive is in IDE mode!!!". No dead ports. Never a problem. OK, so now I'm using a USB keyboard now and I don't care that the hard drive is in IDE mode (whatever the heck that is). I've emailed CypowerPC three times about these two things with no replies.

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