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Weak cord...10/30/2011 11:42:17 AM

Pros: Lightweight and reasonably portable, fairly comfortable design.

Cons: The USB cable is somewhat unwieldy and _very_ flimsy. Within a few months, the insulation had started to crak where it enters the back of the cooler, and by the end of the first year the cable had completely broken off. That said, I still use it in many situations even though the fans no longer have power -- the airspace makes all the difference when it comes to my laptop overheating if I'm working on a soft surface.

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Good machine, good price!1/23/2011 10:10:32 PM

Pros: In no particular order: Aesthetically, this machine has a simple, clean design featuring a textured lid that won't show fingerprints and a spaciously comfortable keyboard with decent feedback (for a laptop) that makes it a pleasure to type on. Performance-wise it's quite solid for a machine in this price range, easily handling applications like Blender without breaking a sweat and showing decent (though not spectacular) gaming performance. Even under heavy workload, this machine runs surprisingly cool (as does its power supply -- speaking as someone that blew three power supplies on my last laptop, I really appreciate the fact that this one seems able to handle the current load with room to spare).

Cons: The speakers aren't great. While they aren't horrible, they don't deliver much volume or range; if you want good sound, you'll need external speakers. This machine doesn't come with installation media, so be prepared to spend some time burning off disks before doing anything else.

Overall Review: All-in-all, a good machine at a good price; this little beastie serves well as a general desktop replacement (including casual gaming use) but don't expect it to deliver thrilling sound on its own. I'm quite happy with it so far, and wouldn't hesitate to recommend it as a decent option for those on a somewhat limited budget.

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