Decent Arm Mount for Reasonable Pricing4/27/2021 8:36:28 AM

Pros: -Full range of motion, including swivel to switch between portrait and landscape -Multiple mounting options making for a sturdy fit no matter what kind of desk you have

Cons: -A little awkward to set up as it relies on the weight of the arms to keep the fitting on the post snug -Weight adjustment screw took probably a dozen turns to adjust to a medium-weight monitor. With the angle it's at it can be awkward to turn it that much. A more screwdriver-like hex key or a bolt with less threads would have been nice.

Overall Review: Having never heard of this company, I was a little nervous ordering but I was blown away with the quality. There are also a ton of features not found on other models in this price range. I've easily paid twice this much ordering for the office, so was happy to get something so good for at home.

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Obviously thrown together for sales1/1/2021 12:01:40 PM

Pros: On paper, looks like a good middle-of-the road option for the 27" size: -1440p, >144Hz, VA for a reasonable price -Acer's housing and bezels just keep getting smaller -Looks nice without being overly tacky, and acer's already good stand design is improved even more

Cons: Corners cut on quality of the electronics really makes this monitor sub-par, even for it's price-point: -Quite a bit more ghosting/trailing than other VA panels, especially noticeable as flashing yellow smudges when scrolling light text on a dark-ish background -Backlight bleed-through is bad enough it's noticeable even on medium-dark scenes in a fairly bright office, and in addition to the 4 areas near the corner you can usually find some on most curved monitors, there's actually a 5th spot just left of center near the top -Brightness of the display will noticeably flicker a few times a second seemingly at random. Happens less often after panel has been in use for >1hr, but will still happen occasionally. Most monitors with this issue it can be tamed by staying above 50% brightness and turning off any adaptive/eco modes, but they seem to have no effect on this issue. -As other reviewers mentioned, the HDR mode should basically not be used. No matter what you do with your video settings, it will be washed out, grainy, and not able to achieve anything that looks closer to black than bluish-grey.

Overall Review: Some of the ghosting/trailing can be fixed by changing the refresh rate back down to 144Hz. I also noticed it was better if I disabled g-sync/freesync and enabled the extreme overdrive option (but then you miss out on refresh-rate sync). The stand looks nicer than the ones acer was using in this price-point earlier (the metal tube instead of the rectangular plastic pillar looks nicer and feels more premium) but it does not get as low to the desk as they used to, 3.5" is as close as it's getting. For a few years now I've been recommending acer monitors to friends, family, and clients as I own several outstanding monitors from them, but I'm not sure I can do that anymore. I'd really only recommend this as a last choice if you absolutely need to buy a monitor right now and other options remain sold out. While it is far from being a Bad monitor, there are several options with similar specs and pricing that have far better quality.

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Manufacturer Response:
Dear Michael, Thank you for taking the time to leave a detailed review regarding the purchase of your Acer Nitro monitor. We are sorry to hear that the product did not meet your expectations in some areas, and we want to work with you to see how we can help improve this experience. If you will please take the time to contact our support team at 1-866-690-4549 and reference your Newegg review, we can help address any problems you may be experiencing.  Regards, Acer America
Well Built PSU3/12/2009 12:40:25 AM

Pros: Modular design saved me some space in a cramped mid-tower case. The cables are plenty long enough too - had room to run some of them along the side to get down to the bottom of the case. Looking at the hardware it's constructed with, they really do mean industrial grade. Haven't had a single problem with it.

Cons: It does seem to run a little hot, but the very large fan seems to be keeping the heat out of the case.

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Quality Product3/12/2009 12:34:24 AM

Pros: Good solid design, Has Firewire, USB, and eSATA. Good transfer speeds, and absolutely silent.

Cons: The included cables are really short (about 2 ft long). The included software, as other people have mentioned, is complete garbage. Just format the drive yourself.

Overall Review: The glossy black finished looked really cool until I touched it - collects fingerprints like crazy but I didn't really buy it for the looks.

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A good buy3/12/2009 12:29:55 AM

Pros: Plugged in and everything booted just fine. After a little tweaking on my Asus P6T, but I eventually got them running at the rated specs. Been running the system a lot and haven't had a single issue.

Cons: Didn't instantly auto-detect, but on hardware this new, that's to be expected.

Overall Review: They aren't extremely top-end, but considering those kits cost almost twice as much, these are a great buy.

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Excellet Moniter, at an Even Better Price3/18/2006 8:42:10 PM

Pros: 19" is just huge! Huge! I received this with No Dead Pixels! Even ran over the whole thing with a magnifying glass to check for irregularities in picture. The colors are crisp and clear. The 8ms response plays games like a charm, no noticable ghosting in HL2, CS:S, B2, or any others I've tried. Some people complain about the brightness, but lots of brightness is GOOD in an LCD - I use it to watch movies with friends. Tech support is excellent. I had a question about some problems, and I got a personal e-mail response within 12 hours. Since one possible problem was the DVI cable, he offered to send me a replacement cable at no charge.

Cons: The base only lets you tilt back and forth about 5 degrees, no rotation or height.

Overall Review: Honestly one of the best LCD's I've seen personally, and at the price, Get One! (or two) I was having an issue with the screen cutting out and blanking, but it ended up being because I forced it into 32 million colors (ONLY use 16!). The VGA is slightly blurry sometime, and the contrast/picture quality is poor, but with DVI everything is nice. If you're looking for and LCD to use with a VGA cable, you can go with a cheaper moniter, because VGA just doesn't support LCD with stats like this. Just wish I had money for two.

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12/31/2004 11:18:13 AM

Comments: I've always liked seagate, and this drive is no execption. I bought it for my media that wouldn't fit on my old 80gig, but ended up moving everything to it. Nearly silent, and still works fine though it's on nearly 24 hrs a day.

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