nvme raid on x570 not so good4/12/2020 6:53:13 PM

Pros: looks nice. theoretically a great way to add 4 nvme ssd to your system

Cons: as the other reviewer noted, this does not support 4xanything even with bifurcation enabled. additionally, after one week of use, we lost a 4TB array when the board decided it only wanted to run one of two that were previously in a working raid(we originally started with 4, but dropped down to two when we couldn't get four to work. the other two were moved to the MB.) MSI x570 MEG unify ryzen 7 3700x crucial p1 1TB(x4) for the array crucial p1 500GB boot drive 32GB gskill 3200 ddr4

Overall Review: having used Asus MBs in the past i figured this would be a reliable and effective way to make a lg SSD array; it is possible on an Intel system that it might work better, but we're building with Ryzen this time. potential Team Red buyers, caveat emptor.

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