Great Drive, Good Price6/26/2020 8:31:09 AM

Pros: 1.7GB Writes / 1.6GB Reads (synthetic) 250,000 random reads and writes Transferred 125GB in under 2 minutes from my other SSD (a 2x faster 970 EVO) including 6000 ~2.4mb files Was between 1.35 and 1.5GB/s on large file writes Never reached over 70C with no heat spreader, stayed under 70C while dumping the cache

Cons: Struggled considerably on smaller files: Takes 40 seconds to copy 6000 ~2,4GB files (375MB/s) to it (I can 7zip store these files from my EVO to the Crucial in less than 30s) Takes 50 seconds to copy 6000 ~2,4GB files (300MB/s) from it, takes 100 seconds from my RAID0 HDDs. My EVO is more than happy to do both at once so I think it's a limitation of the Crucial If I find any more, rest assured I will update this review

Overall Review: For VERY large file transfers, you will hit the limit of the SLC cache. It is very unlikely you will ever thermal throttle this drive assuming good circulation (mine is right next to the CPU fan so it was getting a nice blast of cool air, it would get hotter if I had high CPU load though)

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Working good so far7/19/2016 2:22:32 PM

Pros: -It's very tiny, with a footprint the size of a USB slot -Performs as specified -Gets luke warm to the touch

Cons: -Reported size in Windows 57.7 GiB, of course

Overall Review: Samsung Magician reports R/W of 100/10 MB/s, R/W 2,600/260 IOPS File transfer of 10 GB (587 pictures and movies off my SSD) takes 10 minutes write, for 17.1 MiBs, 100 second read for 102 MiBs Will update review at a later date after I've had it for a while.

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It works8/10/2015 2:03:16 PM

Pros: Gets the full speed of the whopping 25 mbps I have No NAT issues (why would there be...?)

Cons: If I change routers or bypass the router, it need a reboot. Also needs rebooting if the power goes out. It's a minor hassle of you're having router problems and are troubleshooting.

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It's Junk7/11/2015 12:08:18 PM

Pros: Gigabit works...

Cons: Wireless networking does not work in N mode (150 mbps) or g mode (54mbps), instead, you must turn off n mode, and then you get b speeds (11mbps). Curiously, you can get two devices connected both downloading at this speed. Also curiously, you can get b speeds with local traffic (streaming from one computer to another). I've researched this and TONS of people have this problem. Research has also revealed this router still has the same problem when DD-WRT installed, and that this router is also prone to bricking when you install DD-WRT. I requested a replacement, and the replacement has all the same problems as the first one did, and now I'm outside my 45 day refund, so I will just keep RMAing this till either newegg offers me a refund, or I get one that randomly works.

Overall Review: Very upset with Netgear on this one. Their 54GL has worked great for years. My old Buffalo gets the full b speeds, testing out at over 25mbps, which exceeds my advertised speeds.

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Great speeds, quiet6/4/2015 2:07:33 PM

Pros: I've had it for almost a year. It's been through a lot. Used for data, reformatted for Xbox 360, soft-formatted back to NTFS and it still has great speeds (90 MB/s). Super quiet

Cons: When I plugged it into my Xbox (powered off) it would spin up for some odd reason. It shuts down once the device has been power cycled, though. I am assuming that the Xbox must supply USB power for the controllers when it is off.

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Still working great6/4/2015 2:04:16 PM

Pros: I've had this baby for about 9 months now and it's working nicely. Loads files off my phone nicely.

Cons: None

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Works great!6/4/2015 2:02:42 PM

Pros: Uncles said this things loads up the interbutts and he can stream youtube.

Cons: None that I heard.

Overall Review: Did not test n speeds.

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It works, great sound4/25/2015 5:34:11 PM

Pros: This has excellent sound (for a tape player). No CD quality here, but to expect digital quality in an analogue device is cognitively questionable. Absolutely no buzzing/background noise at all.

Cons: None

Overall Review: If you get static or a buzzing sound, clean your tape deck with compressed air and turn your device volume to max. You should be controlling the volume with the car's dials, not your device's. You want your device volume turned way up to maximize your signal to nose ratio.

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Flimy with good sound4/25/2015 5:11:16 PM

Pros: The sound is perfectly acceptable for earbuds.

Cons: The first pair I got was DOA in the right earbud. newegg sent me a replacement which works fine.

Overall Review: Honestly, anyone who thinks earbuds will have amazing bass is foolish. Even the $70 earbuds have complaints about no bass!

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Cheap and tiny, A+11/30/2013 11:43:57 AM

Pros: It's cheap. It's short.

Cons: None

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Simple, easy, cheap11/30/2013 11:40:56 AM

Pros: It just works. It is very cheap. It is very tiny. No power cords. Automatically switches sources when a device is powered on.

Cons: Automatically switches sources when a device is powered on. (90% of the time I want it to do this but the other 10% I wish it was psychic and didn't. C'est la vie.)

Overall Review: I bought this so I didn't have to keep swapping my Xbox HDMI and laptop HDMI. I was worried my HDMI port would become worn-out from such daily use. It's also way more convenient to just hit a button to swap display sources.

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The original beast router11/30/2013 11:34:22 AM

Pros: I bought this when I started having connection problems with my Buffalo (DD-WRT installed), and as it turns out, some of those problems have to do with my wireless network card on my laptop not connecting through DHCP correctly, oh well. For the price point and reliability of this router, I'm not going to cry over it. Comes with DD-WRT custom firmware, easily crossgrades to generic DD-WRT but the installed custom version actually works better.

Cons: No getting around it, this thing is UGLY.

Overall Review: I've had it for around 6 months now.

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A reliable little drive7/2/2013 7:54:43 PM

Pros: I picked up two of these drives, and they keep on ticking.

Cons: That fat rubber housing kind of sucks sometimes.

Overall Review: They aren't super fast, but the speeds are as advertized. USB 2.0 and all that.

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Right price, bad product6/2/2012 9:23:11 PM

Pros: Video quality is what I would expect out of composite cables. Too many people expect miracles, they forget what composite VHS recordings looked like on 480i sets back in the day.

Cons: Nothing about this device is good. The included software doesn't let me capture sound easily, I had to fiddle with windows settings for hours to get it to work. After recording sound separately through Audacity, I noticed a high pitched whine in recorded audio. It's really noticeable if the recorded sound is in the 60dB range or lower. It's not my $1400 newegg RoG laptop making this sound. Running it through a 12dB 4,000Hz low pass filter got rid of the whining, but that's a lot of work to record video.

Overall Review: If it wasn't for that whine in the audio I'd not rate this so poorly. It's not like I wasn't going to record to raw AVI and sound then encode it using third party software anyways, but the fact that there's any whine at all just ruins my day. Maybe taking the device apart and some solder can fix it...

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Great laptop, you get what you pay for2/17/2012 11:31:21 PM

Pros: I bought this laptop knowing full well what I was paying for, and I got exactly that. This baby maxes out most FPS games on 1080p. I'm talking call of duty here. Aside from that it lays down a solid 60 FPS on Skyrim at 720p, which does not look bad at all in my book.

Cons: This sucker eats through the battery in 2 hours. And this is on battery saving mode. I'd have liked to have seen 3 hours as was advertised.

Overall Review: I bought the warranty with all the money this sucker saved me.

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DO NOT TRUST THIS DRIVE2/17/2012 11:15:07 PM

Pros: It gives advertised speeds, for the most part. Corsair RMA was rather painless. This next RMA should be free, according to their website.

Cons: My first drive failed after only a few weeks. My second drive failed after only a few weeks. Don't put your single copy of ANYTHING on this drive.

Overall Review: I wonder if they take it apart, fix it, then send the same drive back. A LOT of people seem to have drives fail multiple times.

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