I love it.. with a few minor issues.1/8/2019 12:41:49 PM

Pros: Just a gorgeous piece of kit. Heavy duty! Seems incredibly durable. LOTS of options that are actually useful to mid-high tier users. Growing list of supported memory, hard drives. Audio is fantastic. WiFi runs great on my AC1900 network.

Cons: Still picky with certain RAM. RGB Fusion trips anti-cheat software on some games. Turn it off if it does, and stuff runs fine. HOWEVER, sometimes it'll still trip it even if it's already off, you have to turn it on, then back off and everything runs fine. On certain computer cases (mine, LianLi Pc-011 Dynamic) if you run fans or a radiator on the bottom of your case, you won't be able to plug in any of the USB headers.

Overall Review: revision 1.1 of the board. Running F5 Bios.. I've heard of issues with the rear audio jacks failing. Mine run flawlessly, and the quality is just amazing. Running FlareX 3200 at 3200 and 14 14 14 34 flawlessly with XMP profile 1. Running a Gigabyte 256g nVME in the B slot (farthest to the bottom of the board) so it runs off the chipset, not steals PCIe lanes.. crazy fast boot time to desktop. Ryzen 7 2700x consistently hits 4.35 boost. The biggest issue is not the board itself so i'm not removing a star. the RGB software tripping anti-cheat measures in games.. honestly.. idgaf about RGB anyway so if you don't either, it's a nonissue. I have zero issues with the board itself.

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poor QC12/29/2018 5:16:06 AM

Pros: Amazing little case, just beautiful! Plenty of space Great layout Deceptively roomy for how small it actually is. There's really only 16" of height to work with.

Cons: Build quality is great, very sturdy, however QC on my particular case sucked... the mounting brackets that are attached to the front glass were not installed correctly on mine. This causes the large pane of glass to sit unevenly by a few mm. Thus, the edges are not flush and the upper left corner of the pane ground against the top panel causing the glass to be chipped along the top edge for 2". I have to shim the lower right corner to keep it level. This case really should be RMAd but honestly, I just don't want to go thru the hassle and nobody is going to see it but me.

Overall Review: The chipped glass really is a bummer. It's like getting a new car with a scratch on it. Doesn't effect the performance, still looks great from 10 feet away, but YOU know it's there and it makes you just a little less excited about it.

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WoW, better than I expected1/3/2007 8:52:50 AM

Pros: P5B Deluxe w/ E6600 and 2g Dominator pc6400 brought my probe temps down from 39C to 29C at idle. TAT core temps are 41 at idle. Currently OC'd the E6600 to 3.4 with the ram at 956mhz. With the zalman I'm maintaining 41-43 idle temps and 58 under Orthos cpu/ram stressing. It's big, but there's still plenty of room for a NB cooler, and had zero issues getting the mobo back in after instilation.

Cons: Heavy

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