Good product, delivered in a reasonable amount of time.9/24/2020 8:11:15 PM

Pros: - Components such as PSU/Motherboard/RAM/other common cheap-out components for prebuilts do not seem to be cheap off-brand models. Everything is at least a fairly quality component. - Great value for power. Getting it on a 7-10% sale is especially worth it for what you spend. - PC came in a secure enough package and no cables/connectors were loose or needed to be fixed. - Very aesthetically pleasing build, no off-color components or ugly ketchup and mustard cabling sitting in the open.

Cons: - Cable management could definitely be better. - Choice of case could be better, glass panel is very precarious to take off and put on. - Choice of CPU is fairly poor, the fan is very wide and bulky and prevents you from using all four RAM slots.

Overall Review: When I bought this computer originally, I was very nervous about it. I had built several of my own custom PCs before this, and the custom PC community has a tendency to look down upon prebuilts for their poor build quality and cheap, easily breakable components. I decided to go with a prebuilt because I simply didn't have the time or the mental energy to build my own this time, and I must say... I am not disappointed in the least. The images that they provide on this page must be an outdated version of this PC model; looking at them, I expected mustard and ketchup cables, a cheap motherboard, and a Gigabyte RTX 2060, but what actually arrived was something that's actually even better. The cables are all black, the motherboard is a nice budget ASrock Pro series motherboard, and the GPU is a very nice Zotac RTX 2060 model. Those appear to be the only components that aren't in the reference images, but honestly, it's a quality upgrade, so from day one my expectations had already been exceeded. Speaking of day one... the PC came in good, secure packaging. The box was tight and secure and the inside of the case was filled with cushioning to prevent internal damage. The slip showing instructions on how to open the panel was inside the PC, which was a little dumb, but if you can't open it on your own you probably shouldn't own this thing anyways. All the cables on the inside were secure and in their correct places when I opened it up, however the cable management could be significantly better. When I tried to installed a secondary HDD drive, I remember spending about 10 minutes just pushing away the massive mess of cables that they had stuffed INTO the empty drive bay where my HDD was supposed to go. Very lazy and kind of stupid on their part, although to be fair there weren't many other places for them to put all that extra cable. After that I spent about 20 minutes just fixing their cable management until I was satisfied. Other than the cable management... everything is nearly PERFECT. I fired this PC up and it worked like a charm right out of the box. They didn't install any unnecessary bloatware on the system and none of the components they put in here are fake or have shown any signs of breaking down yet, even under intensive work(I do some pretty heavy gaming as well as video editing, so I can put it to work quite a bit). All the parts are fairly new, and the PSU is well above the needed wattage for this build, meaning that this PC is easily upgradable in the future. Probably not quite 30 series upgradable, but hey, it's better than having a barebones PSU. In summary... this is a WONDERFUL prebuilt PC. I don't know what ABS' reputation is exactly, but to me, it seems like they do care about providing truly quality PCs, for a decent price. I remember watching an interview that had Andrew Chang, the category manager of ABS, as the guest speaker. What his words about the company and their gaming division was something that I think they take very seriously, from what I can tell: "[...]These aren't parts that we just choose and slap together based on cost, these are parts that we choose and select based on what, for example I would build for my own computer.[...]" I'd recommend this to any average consumer looking to do some semi-serious gaming or some average development work. This is a great prebuilt. Good job ABS.

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