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Ivan F.
Ordered on 11/15/2020
Why get new? "Old" is good too!
12/1/2020 7:03:39 AM

While it's nice to be on the edge of technology, I decided to try out a refurbished phone, mainly because I like it's layout and UI and it fits well in my hand with a protection case around it. I tried a newer different other popular brand phone and it was so confusing with all the new features. This phone worked just like my old phone. I'd buy this product again.

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Ordered on 12/7/2019
1/25/2020 1:19:29 PM

I purchased this product to replace my Plantronics Marque 2 M165 of which the battery, after 2 years of usage, failed to have power beyond 4 hours. I was initially hesitant of the Voyager Legend because of its larger size. But it turned out to be more comfortable to wear. The only frustrating thing about it, is for no logical reason, I sometimes have to reboot my android phone in order to reestablish or sync with some apps. It may be an Android bluetooth bug or anomaly. I dunno. I also don't really like the way the magnetic cable charger is propriety in design. I had to order a 2nd propriety charging cable for when I'm on the road. In conclusion, it is very comfortable to wear.

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david f.
Ordered on 12/1/2018
Too bad I can't post screenshots of messages from seller.
12/18/2018 1:44:58 PM

Day 1 - Order Item. Few hours later, try to cancel the order. Day 2 - Try to cancel order again. Day 3 - Try to cancel order... Seller says, oh yeah we just cancelled you will get refund shortly. Day 4 - I get shipping notifications that order is on its way. Contact the seller asking why. They say "Please ignore. We already made the shipping label that's why. Its canceled now." Day 14 - Call Newegg customer service. They say order will be delivered "today, You have to refuse delivery and send back to seller." Never received anything to send back. Day 18- Seller says I won't get a refund until they receive the item back... Claims new delivery date is Day 24, btw Day 24 is December 24... Not impressed.

WEB DEALS Response:
Sorry for any inconvenience. No company will refund you int hits world if you don't send an item back. Happy Holidays.
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