MotionGrey is a Vancouver-based company, focused on providing an ergonomic solution to a present-day society which spends the vast majority of time in front of computers. Our founding core values are quality, service, and price. In essence, we believe that if we are able to provide the highest quality product at the best price, all the while having a front line customer service that actively helps to serve our customers, we would undoubtedly succeed. Starting out as an ergonomic chair company, we designed and launched three models of our high back office chairs: Challenger, Enforcer, and Guardian Series. The goal was to provide the right ergonomic solution depending on the user's height and weight. We soon realized that as ergonomic as a chair can be, sitting for 8 hours a day will still put a strain on a user's health. We then went on to expand into our MotionGrey Series of Dual Motor Standing Desk and MotionGrey line of office chairs. With both launches having been a huge success, we are constantly working towards designing a better solution for end-users in their everyday lives at work or at home.
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