PASELEC -- founded in UK by Mr. Harry, a bike enthusiast who has been engaged in riding for more than 10 years. He has been committed to providing professional and comfortable riding experience for customers. In recent years, Mr. Harry has keenly felt that riding, a leisure sport with low carbon and environmental protection, will change dramatically. Moreover, with the development of new energy batteries, electric bikes will eventually replace noraml bikes. Thus, the first Paselec electric bike was born. Since the birth of it, Paselec has continued to implement the product research and development plan based on Europe, America even the whole world, forming a unique product system. All products are exclusively created by Paselec, laying a solid product foundation for the global strategic layout. While paying attention to product quality, Paselec always insists on advocating low-carbon, healthy, fashionable and happy lifestyle, and is committed to allowing more users to enjoy the life charm of leisure sports. "professional, systematic, efficient" is the purpose of service; Paselec knows that the experience of an excellent brand comes not only from products, but also from services. Paselec hopes to enable everyone, regardless of age or ability, to ride better electric bikes. We are passionate about electric bikes, so we are committed to creating the most cost-effective one, making the riding process full of fun, while not affecting the quality, durability and comfort. Join us on our innovation tour and have fun with Paselec!
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