About Maxsun.

Founded in 2002, with almost 20 years brand history,Maxsun is the brand under Guangzhou Shangke Information Technology Co., Ltd. With "focus on quality, focus on excel-lence" as it brand Philosophy, Maxsun has been committed to providing users with high-quality product solutions.

"Everything for stability" is the product principle of Maxsun. To provide high quality products to the users,Maxsun is very restricted in every details from choosing the chipset to PCB details and cooperates with the big mother-board, graphic card manufacturer closely.

As the strategic partner with INTEL, NVIDIA and AMD in mainland China market, Maxsun maintains close cooperation with suppliers and explore the market together. Meanwhile,Maxsun keep expanding the cooperation with other suppli-ers. To meet the user's demand of customization, Maxsun always grasp the market trend and demand, highlight the product features with the brand design, advocacy and create a diversified, personalized space for users. Maxsun never stops its step on pursuing "Focus on quality, focus on excel-lence". Maxsun will, as always, continue to focus on product development, quality control, grasp the market trends, to provide users with better products.

Development history

Maxsun Graphic card
As a well-known China brand, from the date it was released, Maxsun graphic card won the recognition from users and media.
2002 > first model MX200 was released.
2003 > ranked as top5 graphic card and became the main
brand in China market

2005 > sales volume raised rapidly, ranked top4 in China
2008 > monthly sales volume reached one hundred
thousand pieces.

2009 > broke the over-clock world record in multiple

2010 > won many prize from the professional media.

2012 > won the AMD Radeon annual sales volume growth
NO.1 reward .

2013 > won the AMD GPU strategic partner reward.

2015 > won Nvidia excellent business explore brand

2016 > released the 3rd TaiChi cooling system, cooling
effects was improved significantly.

2017 > released the latest generation Red Inflammation
cooling system, won great feedback from the
2017 > the overall sales volume of the GT1030 Trans
former 2G occupied 20% of NVIDIA GeForce sales
There are 7 series under the current product line.Respectively, they are JetStream series for gaming,Terminator series for extreme performance, Big Mac series for midrange performance, Transformer series for cost effective purpose, Hammer series, cybercafe

Maxsun motherboard
Maxsun released its first motherboard model in
2007 and entered the motherboard market. After years
of rapid development, Maxsun motherboard won the
recognition from users and media with its excellent
design and cost-effective advantage.
2008 > Maxsun motherboard sales volume reached
250000pcs.t won highly praise from the main
stream media.
2009 > Maxsun broke the over-clock world record in
multiple times.
2010 > Maxsun Pro series aiming at mid range and high
range was released, expanding the product line.
2011 > Maxsun became a popular motherboard and
graphic card brand, sales volume ranked top3 in
China market.
Maxsun moves forward stably and releases many
new products to upgrade its product line and provide
high performance products to our users.
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