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ADATA White 4200 mAh PV100 Power Bank APV100-4200m-5V-CWH
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ADATA White 4200 mAh PV100 Power Bank APV100-4200m-5V-CWH
  • Type: Power Bank
  • Chemical: Rechargeable Li-polymer
  • Features: Double Fast Charging With a robust 2.1A of electrical current, the PV100 can charge devices twice as fast as the common 1000mA chargers seen on the market. Ultra-Slim Profile With a thickness of only 8mm, the PV100 is an easy and comfortable way to carry extra power in any bag or pocket. Broad Device Compatibility Almost any microUSB powered mobile device can be quickly charged by the PV100. Power Level Indicator Check the remaining power at any time by pressing the LED power indicator button. Powerful and Safe The PV100 features six-fold protection, including over charge/discharge protection, over voltage/current protection and short circuit protection, ensuring maximum safety at all times. Safety Mechanisms- Charging Safety Mechanisms- Discharging
  • Dimensi...
  • Model #: APV100-4200m-5V-CWH
  • Item #: 9SIAA4Y3ST7684
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